Residents discuss Right to Life resolution with commissioners

By Shannon Johnson

On April 8 the Fallon County Commission and approximately twenty local residents gathered in the courtroom at 3 p.m. to discuss a petition for a resolution in support of the rights of an unborn child’s life that was initiated by JK Kinsey.

A previous meeting was held to discuss this resolution, but the choice to table the signing of the resolution until a later date was made. The Fallon County Commissioners did not author the resolution and they had not seen the resolution until shortly before the meeting last week. The resolution has since been changed, and the Commission did not receive an updated one until five minutes prior to the meeting starting. “Before I would sign something and put my name on it, I want to make sure sure I thoroughly understand it,” said Commissioner Roy Rost as he explained that while he is in favor of the resolution, he would like more time to read through it.

Several Fallon County residents voiced opinions and concerns regarding this resolution. The matter of state and federal legalities was discussed, as well as actionable things that could be pursued such as a pregnancy outreach center, education, and resources for struggling families.

The Commission made the decision to further discuss this matter with the residents of the Fallon County, including those who are in opposition to the resolution. “We have to hear from the opposing side. We have to let everybody have their say,” stated Rost. They will be working with lawyers to address the legal aspects of a resolution of this nature and will further work with Kinsey and the residents of Fallon County to reach a decision. They hope to reach a conclusion on this matter by July.