Lady Spartan tennis

Baker High School woman’s tennis team takes on competition in Miles City

By Courtney Tudor

As the weather warms and the sun finally emerges following the long winter, the Baker Spartan tennis team is already in the full swing of things. The Lady Spartans faced off against home team CCDHS on the Miles City courts on April 5, as well as Forsyth High School. Senior athlete Lilly Hanson mentioned, “We were not expecting Forsyth to be at the Miles City meet but were glad for the extra competition; all the girls played very well and the first-years displayed their improvement through their impressive matches.” Due to the intimate size of the meet,many players had the opportunity to compete in both doubles and singles matches.

Kelsey Miller and Madison Moore won both their doubles matches, first against Forsyth and then their match against Miles City. Madison summed her experience as “It was a good day for tennis, good meet to get ready for the season.” Lilly Hanson and Paiton Graham took a win 8-2 in a match opposing Miles City. Daylee Hanson and Bryce Shelhamer won their doubles match 6-0. Sayge Barkley and Bryce Shelhamer also won singles against Forsyth. Kelsey Miller, Addison Bryan, Tai Setinc, Sayge Barkley, Telsa Erickson, Lena Kennel, Daylee Hanson and Madison Moore each took a win in matches opposing Miles City competitors.

The overall success of the day was discussed on the way back to Baker, as the girls enjoyed some cool water and regretted not wearing more sunscreen.

The Spartan tennis team does great things at Wolf Point

By O’Connell Qualley

On April 6, the results of the singles competition with Wolf Point in Baker were phenomenal, with all of the matches being won except for one. Tesla Erickson played the first match against Lindsay Nefzger and won both sets with a score of 6-1. The second match was played by Camryn Collins facing off against Darlene MacDonald. The match had three sets, with the first set being won by Darlene MacDonald with a score of 4-6. The second set was won by Camryn Collins with a comeback score of 6-3 and then the final set was won by Camryn Collins 7-0. Lena Kennel won both sets while playing the third match against Darlene MacDonald, with scores of 6-3 and 7-3.

Lena commented, “It’s great to see how much progress everyone has made already.” During the fourth match Tai Setinc won both of her sets against Demi Kegley, with the first score being 7-5 and the second score being 6-3. The fifth match was won by Addison Bryan, who played against Joy Wolff. The first set score was 6-2 and the second set score was 6-0. Alex Williams then faced off against Joy Wolff for the sixth singles match; Alex won both sets of the match with scores of 8-6 and 6-1. The seventh match featured Daylee Hanson against Serenity Tibbets; Daylee won the first and only set 8-2. Sayge Barkley battled Demi Kegley in the eighth match; Sayge won both sets 6-4 and 6-2. In match nine, Kylee Janz faced Serenity Tibbets and won 8-4. Match ten featured Bryce Shelhamer against Angelica Sutton; Bryce won 8-3. Camryn Collins then faced Lindsay; Camryn lost both sets 2-6 and 0-6. The last singles match was Addison Bryan vs. Alex Sutton; Addison won both her sets 6-2 and 6-2.

There were only two doubles matches; first Madison Moore and Kelsey Miller teamed up against Lindsay Nafzger and Darlene MacDonald. This matchup saw Madison and Kelsey dominating with final scores of 6-1 and 6-1. The second doubles match showcased Lilly Hanson and Paiton Graham against Alex Sutton and Angelica Sutton; Lilly and Paiton won both sets with a score of 6-2. Kelsey Miller stated, “I can already tell it’s going to be a great season, ” and Camryn Collins chimed in, “It is going to be a great season to see everyone get better. Maranda Hastig and Savannah Gorman coach the Lady Spartans.