Freshman learn about Water Conservation

Kalyn Bohle and his demonstration.

By Chloe Tudor

Kalyn Bohle presented Mrs. Schumacher’s freshman science class with a water conservation demonstration on March 27. Kalyn demonstrated how important it is to conserve natural water sources and to keep the aquifers clean. Chemicals, such as fuel or oil, may be spilled; thus infiltrating the soil with harmful chemicals. These chemicals eventually make their way to the water sources around it, wreaking havoc and making the water poisonous. The wells and reservoirs around areas where chemical have infiltrated the soil become useless until the toxin is removed; this was demonstrated on a water movement display Mr. Bohle presented. The freshmen learned important information and now know how important it is to keep our water clean! Thank you Mrs. Schumacher for setting this up and Kalyn for devoting your time to water conservation in our area..


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