Fallon County Commissioners seek public input

The Fallon County commissioners are asking for public input whether to continue running the commission’s proceedings each month in the Fallon County Times.

The proceedings provide details of the commissioners’ meetings, as well as information regarding the expenditure of public dollars.

The issue of whether to continue providing this information arose during a work session April 8. Commissioner Deb Ranum said she wants to continue to run the proceedings to ensure transparency with the voters of Fallon County. Second-term Commissioner Steve Baldwin said he prefers not publishing the proceedings due to the expense. Commissioner Roy Rost said he was undecided. Commissioners agreed to survey the voters.

The Fallon County Commissioners are seeking advice from the public, the ad the commissioner’s submitted reads. “Each month it costs the county an average of $3,250 to publish the commissioners’ proceedings in the Fallon County Times.”

The commission is split on this decision and is asking the public for their input.

“Commissioners would like to know whether they should eliminate the minutes from the newspaper and only publish (them) on the website, or continue to publish (them) in the newspaper.”

Local residents are invited to call the county at 406-778-7106 or email falloncc@midrivers.com.

The commission will vote April 29 at 2 p.m. The public is welcomed to attend.