World History Wax Museum

By Courtney Tudor

This past week the Baker High School freshmen students in World History had a unique assignment. This lesson, designed by Mrs. Hoversland and student teacher Ms. Olsen, required each member of the class to jump into character…as a historical wax figure!

First each student chose a notable individual that played a part in either World War I or Montana’s history. Then each student had to select an outfit, gather props appropriate for their character, and write a short speech.

After much preparation the Wax Museum was open for business; its location was the complex lobby. Elementary and middle school students and educators alike came to enjoy the limited time opportunity. The group was greet by Jeanette Rankin and the Red Baron. There were sightings of Woodrow Wilson, Franz Ferdinand and Edith Wharton. At each stop the wax figures would recite a short biography and a few interesting facts.

One freshman said, “This assignment gave me the opportunity to learn about someone that I may have not otherwise.” At the end of the afternoon everyone, historical legends included, had a wonderful time.