Skyping with a Composer

Students skyping with Luciana Mendes.

By Jessica Paul

On Feb. 27, the third and fourth grade music students had a chance to skype with composer Luciana Mendes. Luciana is from Brazil, and eventually came to America to study music.

She started taking piano lessons at the age of four, listening to notes at seven, and in college she was composing music. Since then, she has successfully composed over 50 songs. Students had the opportunity to ask Luciana some questions.

One student asked about all the places she had performed, and she answered that she had performed in Brazil, Indiana, Argentina and a few places in Europe. Students asked what kinds of music she enjoyed listening to, so she told them, “Almost anything new or old, just not country.”

After answering questions, Luciana taught the students the best ways to compose music. She told them that they could use almost anything to compose music including words, thoughts, pictures, sounds or even numbers.

She spoke about writing often, because things you never thought would sound good could turn out to make the best music. Luciana discussed that even if you do not know how to play several instruments, it only takes one to be able to compose music.

She informed the students that if you choose to compose on a piano, that you could make an entire song using only the black keys. She also said to try to use every other note to make music, because they often work well together. The more often you play music, the better you will become at composing great pieces.