Fallon County students excell at Academic Olympics

Plevna Junior High Team with their first place medals. (l-r) Wyatt Isaacs, Nick Buerkle, Jaeda Paul, Billie Jo Miller, Sophia Tudor and Sophia Schumacher

By Chloe Tudor

The Plevna Junior High Academic Olympics Team, Jaeda Paul, Wyatt Isaacs, Nick Buerkle, Sophia Schumacher, Billie Jo Miller and Sophia Tudor, departed on March 5 for Miles City. On the 100 question Written Test, sixth graders Billie Jo Miller placed 4th and Sophia Tudor placed 6th, both receiving a ribbon for their accomplishments. Seventh grader Sophia Schumacher placed 2nd, receiving both a ribbon and a silver medal. For eighth grade, Wyatt Isaacs placed 2nd, receiving both a ribbon and a silver medal, and Jaeda Paul placed 6th, receiving a ribbon. The Junior High Academic Olympics Team placed 3rd overall in the Oral Competition against 19 other teams, receiving bronze medals. As a Team on the 100 Question Test, Plevna placed 1st, receiving gold medals and the traveling trophy. The Junior High Team enjoyed unwinding at Dairy Queen after their fast-paced day. Congratulations!

Baker High School Team A: Caleb Rost, Caleb Ploeger, Courtney Tudor and Terrell Koenig. Not pictured: Zach Craig and Katie Wang.

By Maleah Graham

On March 6, the Baker High School students got on a bus early in the morning and travelled to Miles City to compete in this year’s Academic Olympics. This event consists of an individual written test and team oral rounds.

The first task of the morning was the written test, which was more challenging this time compared to previous years, according to many students that had taken it. After this was completed it was time for lunch and then on to the much anticipated team rounds.

Baker contributed three teams to the event. Each team had a senior captain. Team A’s was Terrell Koenig, and the members of Team A were Courtney Tudor, Caleb Ploeger, Zach Craig, Caleb Rost and Alternate Katie Wang. Team B was led by Jayden Allen and included Rachel Rost, Alissa Schell, Olivia Gunderson, Anika Ploeger with alternates Jacob Wang, Devon Solberg and Sayge Barkley. Maleah Graham captained the C Team, which included Lilly Hanson, Lena Kennel, Aiden Rabbitt, Gabe Kennel with alternates O’Connell Qualley, Kelsey Miller and Taylor Bertsch. Each team won their first round of the day. Ironically, after Team C’s first win against Forsyth, they had to play Baker A and lost, resulting in A’s first win. After some more team action and some tough competition, Team B and Team C both suffered their second losses and were out of the competition.  But not Team A; they found themselves in the championship against the Miles City B team. They were no match for Baker, as the final score was 42 to -6 with Baker on top.

There were some individual placers from the written test that were announced at the awards ceremony as well. These individuals were freshman Gabe Kennel, who placed 2nd, sophomore Zach Craig, who was 3rd, juniors Caleb Ploeger took 4th and Rachel Rost took 7th, while seniors Courtney Tudor, Terrell Koenig and Jayden Allen took 3rd finished 7th, 4th, and 3rd respectively. Senior Lilly Hanson says, “I feel like our teams did very well in the oral rounds. With our determination we took home the gold. It was a good way to have a Baker team go out with a win my senior year, especially against Miles City.”

The teams are coached by Carole Bettenhausen, Carol Hadley, Cindy Quade and Diane VanGorden. All four coaches expressed a great deal of pride in the students’ accomplishments and commitment to education and working together as a team.

Carole Bettenhausen added, “There was more pressure on the high school teams, as they had to follow in the impressive footprints of the Middle School teams, who took 1st in the oral and 2nd in the written. Luckily these students were up for the challenge and brought home another trophy.”

Baker Middle School Team A shows off their trophy for winning the oral competition. (l-r) Conrad Hess, Cooper O’Connor, Walker Hadley, Sam Griffith, Riley Williams, Quinn Griffith, Wyatt Rudicel and Chloee Thurlow

March 4, the Baker Middle School Academic teams and their coaches traveled to Miles City for the annual Academic Olympics competition. The Middle School students had an amazing day, with Team A winning the oral competition and finishing in 2nd place in the written competition.

The Middle School students also performed extremely well individually, with the following results: 7th grade: Cooper O’Connor finished in 3rd place; Conrad Hess and Quinn Griffith tied for 9th. Chloee Thurlow finished 10th, Wyatt Rudicel and Cole Rost tied for 11th. In the 8th grade division, Walker Hadley placed 9th while Sam Griffith placed 1st overall.

It was exciting to see these young, intelligent students eagerly take on the competition and push themselves to achieve. Team A included Walker Hadley, Sam Griffith, Conrad Hess, Quinn Griffith, Chloee Thurlow, Riley Williams, Wyatt Rudicel and Cooper O’Connor. Students on Team B were: Aiden Wywras, Kayla Duke, Owen Stieg, Tyaisha Dietz, Hunter Bailey, Sheldon Johnson, Cole Rost and Sydne Austin.

The students are coached by Carol Hadley, Cindy Quade, Carole Bettenhausen and Diane Vangorden. Coach Hadley commented, “The 2019 Academic Olympic teams for Baker Junior High did an amazing job both on the written and oral rounds. Their dedication to practice and willingness to work together really paid off for them. “