Building new skills and skeletons

By Katie Wang

The newest program that the Biology II students are working on is a very hands on and advanced plan of action, thanks to Continental Resources. Continental has established a grant program in 2013 called Funding the Future that provides an opportunity for K-12 teachers to enhance their STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs.

Mrs. Rost applied for and was granted $2,500 to expand her anatomy program. She chose to invest in MANIKEN anatomy models, as her Biology II students are taking the second semester of this year to focus on human anatomy.

These models come as kits that include a ceramic skeleton, clay, and the tools needed to mold it. The goal of the kit is to build and learn about some of the body’s complex systems, such as the muscular and skeletal systems. The program also provides corresponding videos for the systems of the body. The videos teach the class about specific muscles and their functions as well as their exact location on the human body.

Mrs. Rost assigned three or four students to a skeleton and while they watch a video, the groups mold the muscle and take notes about the information that the video provides. They then get to take their freshly molded muscle and place it on the ceramic skeleton. The MANIKEN program also contains videos for other systems of the body, although the class isn’t quite there yet. That’s for another day.