Sunnyside Cafe opens in second grade Classroom

By Lilly Hanson

Last week, Lincoln Elementary second grade class taught by Miss Schwartz opened a mock Sunnyside Cafe in their classroom. Since the class was recently learning about the properties and values of money, they opened the cafe for four days within their classroom and staffed it.

“The first day students got a menu and were allowed to spend 50 cents on an entree, beverage, and dessert. They had to pick which things would add up to be less than  or right at 50 cents and fill out an order form. They then had to count out their exact cost, put their “food” in their basket and raise their hand for me to come and check their order. They would then pay me by counting out their coins,” Mrs. Schwartz said.

The second day, the price went up to 99 cents and they had a different menu. On the third day, the students made their own menus and set their own prices for the customers. This was to test their problem-solving abilities to see if they could set the prices at reasonable levels so they could attract customers

Then on the fourth and final day, Mrs. Schwartz observed that the students “were surprised to come into the classroom and see real life food set up that they were going to get to buy with money I would give them. They got to pick out one snack and one drink and had to add up their total amount and pay me at the “counter”.”

The goal of this project was to have the students experience real life situations.