Getting city water turned back on . . .

   no longer a same day service

By Shannon Johnson

The City of Baker recently made the decision to change the way it will handle when somebody needs to get their water turned back on after it has been shut off due to an overdue bill.

In the past, residents were able to get their water turned back on the same day that they paid their overdue bill, however, that will not be the case any longer. The City of Baker is set up to do scheduled services. This makes it easier for them to tend to emergencies when they arise, such as repairing city water leaks and shutting off water at the meter for residential leaks. This is because they will be able to appropriately delegate the scheduled tasks, such as turning on water ahead of time.

Water shut-offs will happen during the week, to give residents the ability to get in and pay their bill before the weekend arrives. If a resident has their water shut off on Thursday and doesn’t pay their bill until Friday, they will be scheduled to get their water turned back on the coming Monday.