Spartan Basketball

Season closer with St. Labre

By Caleb Ploeger

On Feb. 9, the Baker Spartans embarked on a trip to play St. Labre in their final regular season game. The results of this head-to-head would determine the third and fourth place standings for the season. As soon as the ball was tipped the Braves came at the Spartans full of energy and with a will to win. The Spartans, on the other hand, started a little slowly. By the end of the first quarter the Spartans were down by 19. But in the second quarter they picked up their game and started chipping away at the lead. When half time rolled around, the Spartans had reduced the lead to 16 and the score was 27 – 43. During the third quarter the Spartans kept up the energy and managed to reduce the lead by another three points, making the third quarter score 54 – 41. In the fourth quarter the two teams went on a scoring spree with each scoring 20+ points. Unfortunately the Spartans weren’t able to come out on top and lost 78 – 61.

Riley O’Donnell led the team with 18 points, 2 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals. Riley Schultz followed with 11 points, 1 assist, 12 rebounds and 1 steal. Caleb Ploeger had 8 points and snagged 7 rebounds. Sean Shelhamer had 8 points, and 1 rebound. Colter Peterson had 7 points, 3 assists, 1 rebound and 1 steal. Konner Flint had 2 points, 1 assist and 1 steal. Jayden Allen scored 2 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Teight Madler had 2 points, 2 assists, 4 rebounds and 1 steal. Jacob Wang had 3 points, 6 rebounds and 1 steal.

Senior Riley Schultz stated, “The outcome may not have been what we wanted but we fought long and hard, playing with a lot of heart.”

“We started out slow and never could really bring it back but our team definitely had just a bad game,” commented junior Riley O’Donnell.

Spartan boys JV team ends  the season in a tough match against St. Labre

By Jacob Wang

On Feb. 9, the Baker Spartans travelled to St. Labre for the last basketball game of the regular season. The boys’ JV game, was fast paced and full of energy. The Baker boys fought hard for a win, but so did St Labre. Throughout the game the Baker boys did everything they could to capture the lead but they couldn’t manage to pull ahead. The Spartans ended up losing the game 74-52.

Jaxson Tronstad lead the team in scoring with 10 points as well as 3 rebounds. Jory Miller and Garrett Lesh were right behind him with 9 points each. Jory also had 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Garrett had 13 rebounds as well as 3 steals and 2 assists. Garrett led the team in rebounding. Konner Flint had 8 points. Aiden and Dillon each had 5 points and 2 rebounds and Dillon had 3 steals. Bryce Hufford had 4 points and 3 rebounds. Logan Graham had 2 points and 3 rebounds.

Baker C Squad boys battle the St. Labre Braves and emerge victorious

February 9, featured the last game of the Baker boys C Squad for the 2018-19 season. The long trek to St. Labre paid off for the C Squad, as they fought their way to a victory during all four quarters to finish their season with a win 38-37.

Jory Miller led the Spartans in scoring, sinking 12 points, grabbing 7 boards and stealing the ball 4 times. Jaxon Tronstad followed Jory in points, scoring 10 points, leading the team in rebounds with 14 and garnering 3 assists along the way. Garrett Lesh led the team in steals with a total of 5; he also scored 10 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.  Logan Graham finished the night with 3 points and fought for 3 rebounds and snagged 2 steals for the game. Aiden Rabbitt scored 2 points, picked up 4 rebounds and had 2 steals. Colin Loribecke scored 1 point, and picked up 2 rebounds. Jaxon Tronstad commented, “It was a great season!” He’s right; the C Squad finished with a winning season, claiming victory in twice as many games as they lost, finishing the season with a 10-5 overall record.

Lady Spartans fall to St. Labre

By Lilly Hanson

The Baker Lady Spartan basketball teams traveled to Ashland on Feb. 9 to compete against St. Labre in the Spartans’ last conference game before Districts in Colstrip next week. The ladies played and kept up with St. Labre through all four quarters and made Baker proud with their effort and determination. Unfortunately, they were ultimately defeated 66-52. Junior Hope Craft commented “in the third quarter, St. Labre shot a lot of threes, like five in a row. That put us behind but in fourth quarter really showed effort and came back.”

Stats for the Spartans include:  Kelsey Miller snagged one rebound and one steal;  Alissa Bohle one point and three rebounds; Macee Hadley one point and four steals; Shelby Moore fourteen points, four rebounds and three steals; Andie Batchelor one point, five rebounds and one steal; Sady Harbaugh three points, one rebound, one steal and one deflection; Hope Craft one rebound; Rilee Petterson three points; Anika Ploeger five points, four rebounds and three steals; Peyton Janeway one point and two rebounds; McKenna Griffith four points, one rebound and one deflection; Mya Hadley fifteen points, one assist, four rebounds, one assist and one steal; and Emily Shumaker with four points, one assist, three steals and five rebounds. Good Luck in Districts!

JV girls vs. St. Labre

By Taylor Bertsch

On Feb. 9, the Baker High School junior Varsity girls basketball team traveled to St. Labre to take on the Lady Braves. At the end of the first quarter, the teams were tied with 11 points each. By the end of the first half, Baker had pulled ahead by 14 points. During the third quarter, the Lady Spartans scored 4 points and the Lady Braves scored 6. In the fourth quarter, the team scored 10 points, earning them a total of 41 points. St. Labre scored 6 points in the fourth quarter which brought them to a final score of 25.

Leading the team with the most points was Emily Shumaker who scored 9 points. She also had 2 rebounds and 1 assist. Not far behind Emily in scores are Rilee Pettersen and McKenna Griffith who each scored 5 points. Rilee had 1 assist and an amazing 7 rebounds. McKenna had 2 offensive rebounds and 3 defensive rebounds. Close behind were Sady Harbaugh and Anika Ploeger with 4 points each. Alex Williams  had 9 rebounds and 3 steals, Sophia Dulin with 7 rebounds and 2 steals, and Camryn Collins, who had 3 rebounds and 2 steals, each scored 3 points. Alissa Bohle, who had 2 rebounds and 3 steals, and Peyton Janeway, who had 8 rebounds and 4 steals, each scored 2 points and Ashlyn Lutts scored 1 point and had 3 rebounds.