Baker Wrestling Club Season to date

We have been hard at it again with the 2019 AAU wrestling season. We have approximately 55 kids signed up this year and they are doing great! They range in age from 4 to 15 and are giving it their all this year. They have attended several tournaments so far and aside from doing great they are having fun. The results from the following tournaments.

Winter Youth Nationals (Omaha, Neb.), 1/05/19

3rd: Tarin Degrand

Also wrestling in Omaha: Riley Davis and Jesse Brawley

Miles City Invitational, 1/13/19

1st: Riley Davis and Jesse Brawley

2nd: Silis Best, Wyatt Wyrick, Maddox Moser

3rd: Logan Scherman, Cord Olsen, Dax Updike, Livia Varner

4th: Ryann Gorder, Treylan Harbaugh, Rider Kloetzke, Gradin Varner

Also wrestling in Miles City: Jayda Harbaugh, Ronnie Kloetzke, Abagayle Stonebrink, Shelby Barnett, Kylie Schwartz, David Rosman, Bentley Hester, Bronc Selle, Kael Gorder, Carter Heid, Isaiah Burns, Jonah Schell, Kaine Kendall, Penelope Rosman, Gage Scherman, Kelton Hogan, Teighan Barnett, Kazden Hoversland, Brody Schatz, Rider Kloetzke, Kess Hoversland and Gradin Varner

Colstrip AAU Invite, 1/20/19

1st: Logan Scherman, Silis Best and Treylan Harbaugh

2nd: Kredence Uecker, Cord Olsen, Uriah Rogge, Maddox Moser and Brody Schatz

3rd: Jayda Harbaugh, Teighan Barnett and Livia Varner

4th: Shelby Barnett, Tatum Alderman, Kael Gorder, Wyatt Wyrick, Bracyn Hastig, Kelton Hogan and Gradin Varner

5th: Sheldon Johnson, Ryann Gorder, Abagayle Stonebrink, David Rosman, Bronc Selle, Tyger Fradenburgh, Carter Heid, Jonah Schell, Gage Scherman, Kaine Kendall, Penelope Rosman and Peyton Johnson

Egged Open (Hardin, Mont.), 1/27/19

1st: Riley Davis, Treylan Harbaugh and Livia Varner

2nd: Jayda Harbaugh and Logan Scherman

3rd: Ryann Gorder, Wyatt Wyrick, Brody Schatz and Rider Kloetzke

4th: Abagayle Stonebrink, Kelton Hogan and Gradin Varner

5th: Kael Gorder, Isaiah Burns and Harper Renner

This group of kids that traveled to Hardin also placed 1st as a team for the small team plaque!

Wild West Tournament (Gillette, Wyo.), 2/02/19

1st: Jayda Harbaugh

2nd: Ryann Gorder and Kael Gorder

3rd: Jacey Gorder

4th: Riley Davis

Also wrestling in Gillette: Jesse Brawley, Wyatt Wyrick, Treylan Harbaugh and Uriah Rogge

Cyclops (Butte, Mont.),  2/16/19

5th: Tarin Degrand

6th: Riley Davis

The following Tournaments on our schedule yet this year are:

Sidney, Mont., 2/23/19

Glendive, Mont., 3/02/19

Great Falls AAU State, 03/08/19

Bowman, N.D., 3/14/19

Circle, Mont., 3/16/19

Brodie Duals in Sidney, Mont., 3/22/19

MT Open in Billings, Mont., 3/30/19