Spartan basketball

Cowboys corral the Spartans a second time

By Maleah Graham

For the second time this season, the Baker Spartans took on the Miles City Cowboys, this time on their home court. After their first loss, the Spartans were out for revenge. The score was close the entire game, with amazing plays from the Spartans. At the end of the first half, the score was 15-24 with the Spartans trailing the Cowboys. From then on, Baker upped their intensity and tied the Cowboys in scoring both the third and fourth quarter. The intensity of the game amped up the crowd and provided the fans with an exciting game to watch. Despite their valiant and determined effort, the Spartans were not able to make up the deficit from the first half and the Spartans lost a second time to this Class-A team, with a final score of 35-44.

Seniors Riley Schultz and Colter Peterson were on fire scoring-wise and led the Spartans with 8 points each. Junior Caleb Ploeger also put up a good effort and snagged 4 rebounds. Complete stats from the game are as follows: Riley O’Donnell, 3 points, 1 assist, 2 blocks, 3 rebounds, 1 steal. Colter Peterson, 8 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal. Riley Schultz, 8 points, 1 block, 3 rebounds. Caleb Ploeger, 4 points, 2 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 steal. Teight Madler, 3 points, 1 assist, 3 rebounds, 1 steal. Sean Shelhamer, 3 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal. Jacob Wang, 6 points, 2 rebounds.

The Spartans compete in their District Tournament in Colstrip starting Feb. 13. Come out and watch your Spartans and Lady Spartans; the cheering and support from all of the fans is well appreciated by all players, coaches, and managers.

Spartans wrangle the Cowboys

By Katie Wang

On Feb. 4, the Baker Spartans hosted the Miles City Cowboys. The Spartans boys JV pulled off a daring win in overtime against Miles City’s JV. Before the game junior Jacob Wang said that “he was excited to see how the game played out” and sophomore Garrett Lesh felt “ready and well-prepared” for the game”.

The game started off with the Spartans gaining a lead in the first quarter. In the second, the Cowboys battled back and closed the lead. With the lead changing hands rapidly in the second half, no one was quite sure who had the upper hand. The buzzer sent the game into overtime. Jaxson Tronstad led the team with 15 points, many of them from the free throw line due to the large number of fouls called. By the time the final horn sounded, ending the overtime period, the Spartans had won 62-57.

Along with leading the team in points Jaxson also had 4 rebounds. Garrett Lesh led in rebounds, ending up with 14. He also shot 10 points, giving him a double double, and snatched 2 steals. Jacob Wang had 13 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. Dillon Hickey, a junior, shot 9 points and captured 9 rebounds. Sophomore Konner Flint helped the team with 10 points and Jory Miller added in 5 points. The team had an outstanding game in overtime and shot 10 out of 12 from the free throw line.

C Squad Spartans lose in close game against Miles City

By Maleah Graham

On Feb. 5, Baker C Squad began the evening of basketball against the Miles City Cowboys. This Baker C Squad team has a great record this season and were ready to potentially add another win to their record. The team certainly put forth a great effort, as three players on this team scored in the double digits, with freshman Jaxon Tronstad leading the scoring with a total of 16, followed by sophomores Logan Graham and Jory Miller with 10 and 11 points respectively. This was a close game, where the Spartans would have the lead one second, then the Cowboys the next. Jaxson was a rebounding machine, pulling in a total of 14. He would even get his own rebounds and put the ball back up to score, most often getting fouled as well. However, this battle back and forth between the two teams was put to an end where the time ran out after a scoring streak from Miles City, and the Spartans were out of luck, losing a second time with a final score of 47-55.

Stats from the game are as follows: Logan Graham, 10 points. Jory Miller, 11 points. Jaxson Tronstad, 16 points, 14 rebounds. Garrett Lesh, 8 points, 3 rebounds. Aiden Rabbitt, 2 points, 6 rebounds.

Lady Spartans challenge the Lady Cowgirls

By Halle Burdick

On Feb. 5, the Lady Spartans traveled to Miles City to face the Lady Cowgirls. The Lady Cowgirls pulled ahead early in the first quarter, outscoring the Spartans 16-9 and played very well, ending the half 32-11. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Spartans got going, outscoring the Cowgirls 12-4, and finishing the game with a score of 50-32.

Freshman Peyton Janeway led the team with 10 points. She stated, “All I knew was we needed points and fast. I went into the game with the mindset of scoring.” Mya Hadley scored 5, Hope Craft had 4, Anika Ploeger, Macee Hadley, and McKenna Griffith each had 3. Sady Harbaugh and Emily Shumaker each had 2 points. Shelby Moore and Mya Hadley each had 5 rebounds. Sady Harbaugh said, “Although we lost, it was great to see how far we’ve come as a team and how all of our freshman have stepped up as players.”

Lady Spartans come up short at the Custer County Rodeo

By Lena Kennel

On Feb. 5, the Lady Spartans basketball team traveled to Miles City to face off against the Cowgirls. The junior Varsity girls came up just short of a victory, losing 27 to 33. McKenna Griffith was the high scorer of the game, snagging 7 total points. Payton Janeway scored 5, and Ashlyn Lutts had 4 points. Alex Williams and Anika Ploeger brought in 3 points each, while Emily Shumaker and Camryn Collins both had 2 and Sady Harbaugh took 1 as well. The girls had a total of 2 assists, with McKenna Griffith and Sady Harbaugh each having 1.

The Lady Spartans had an outstanding defensive game, with a grand total of 38 rebounds. Emily Shumaker led the team by snagging 9, Sophia Dulin took 8, and Payton Janeway and Camryn Collins both had 5. Alissa Bohle and Alex Williams each grabbed 3, while Anika Ploeger and McKenna Griffith got 2 each and Sady Harbaugh snatched 1 of her own. The girls were quick on their feet and fast enough to get 13 steals throughout the game too! Ashlyn Lutts showed off her agility by swiping 5, Emily Shumaker took 3, and Anika Ploeger grabbed 2. Alex Williams, Sophia Dulin, and McKenna Griffith were all slick enough to get 1 steal a piece. Despite all of this hard work though, the Miles City girls’ JV team pulled ahead and roped up a win. The girls had a good game, being able to show off their skills against some tough opponents.

The Spartan C Squad steals Longhorn’s planned win

By O’Connell Qualley

The Spartan C Squad game against the Wibaux Longhorns on Feb. 8, 2019, started with the tip-off, which the Longhorns won and the Spartans quickly set up their defense. The Longhorns were just able to slip past to score on the Spartans. The Spartans were able to stay with the Longhorns and by the end of the first quarter they were up by 2. The second quarter was quite even with lots of turnovers on both sides; the first half ended in a draw with a score of 18-18. The players on both teams came out of the locker rooms after halftime fired up and ready for a more aggressive game. The crowd also got into the action and the second half was a much faster paced, exciting matchup. The Spartans came out with the win, with a final score of 38-31. Logan Graham commented, “We did a good job playing, but we could have done a better job getting rebounds.” Another player, Phillip Smith, remarked, “We definitely played better than last time.” High point man for the Spartans was Garrett Lesh, who also had 7 rebounds and 3 steals. Jory Miller contributed 9 points and 5 rebounds, while Jaxson Tronstad was good for 7 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals. Logan Graham made 6 points for the Spartans and had 3 steals, while Ashton Afrank had 2 points and 3 rebounds. Aiden Rabbitt finished out the scoring for the Spartans with 1 point and 3 rebounds.

JV Lady Spartans rope the Longhorns

By Courtney Tudor

On Feb. 7 the Baker Spartans JV Girls faced off against the Wibaux Longhorns. This junior varsity competition was intense and the Lady Spartans gave an impressive show of athleticism. At the end of the first half, the Lady Spartans were up 31 to 4. When the second half began, the Spartans showed that they hadn’t lost any of their spark or enthusiasm.  Anika Ploeger snagged a defensive board and passed it to Sophia Dulin for a quick two points. This play was followed by an assist by Ashlyn Lutts to Camryn Collins. This was just the beginning of another strong quarter for the team.

Together the Lady Spartans scored another 10 points and held the Longhorns to 4. In the fourth quarter, the Longhorns outscored the Spartans by 1 point, leaving the final score 47 to 15. Emily Shumaker led scoring with 11 points. When asked about the win, freshman McKenna Griffith quipped with a smile, “It was an exciting last home game to share with my team.”