Saying Thank You to Our Veterans-Happy Valentine’s Day from SADD

By Alissa Schell

On Feb. 6, SADD had a work day to put together some special treats for Valentine’s Day.

First, following in the tradition begun by Darby Bettenhausen when she founded the SADD group in 2012, some of the members frosted and decorated Valentine’s Day cookies for veterans. This was one of the projects that was very special to Darby, as her grandfathers were both veterans, Roy Bettenhausen serving in World War II and Tom Knutson serving in Korea. In addition, her brother Caleb is serving in the Air Force. Her driving passion for SADD and its members was to encourage them to give back to the community and strive to be positive role models. Darby is now a senior at the University of Montana and continuing her long established pattern of volunteering; she was recently chosen to travel to Uganda in the summer of 2019 where she will be working at a hospital in Uganda, focusing on women’s health care, including delivering babies. She will spend up to six weeks in Uganda volunteering her time and talents to help those in need.

The cookies prepared by the SADD group were taken to the American Legion here in Baker, where they will be distributed by the American Legion Auxiliary to various veterans’ homes. SADD co-president Hannah Goerndt said, “We do a lot for the school, and I like being able to do something for those in the community. They’ve done so much for us and I think the cookies are a great way to show that we’re thankful.”

While those members put their artistic skills to use decorating cookies, others put together Valentine’s Day goodie bags filled with various sweets and treats to be handed out to high school and middle school students. As stated by SADD member Lena Kennel, “It’s a fun way to be involved and do something nice for people at the same time! Being included in a group that does great things like this is really rewarding.” The members of SADD are all glad to give to the community and wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!