2019 Youth Tour Winner

The 2019 Youth Tour Winner hails from the big city of Plevna, Mont. Trinity Rieger was chosen to represent Southeast Electric Cooperative at the 2019 Youth Tour to Washington, DC in June. She is the daughter of John and Teresa Rieger.

Trinity was asked what her day would be like without electricity. She listed many items that would be challenging such as waking up without an alarm clock, brushing her teeth without water, warming up without heat and making coffee. She also mentioned that school would be different. The gym is very dark, so there would be no sports practices or physical education. Much of Trinity’s schoolwork is through on-line classes which would not be accessible without electricity. She would have to write her essay using a pencil instead of a computer. After-school chores and homework would need to be done during the daytime when there is natural light. Trinity decided that electric power is very essential to her every day life and she thanked Southeast Electric Cooperative for supplying electricity to her and her family. Congratulations Trinity and enjoy this trip of a lifetime!