Second grade yummy pancakes

Second grade with their yummy pancakes.

By Alexia Wills

Mrs. Oberlander’s second grade class has been learning about adjectives as well as reading Nate the Great in Social Studies class. The students decided to mix the lessons into one with pancakes. Nate loves pancakes, so the students learned about pancakes from around the world. The second graders’ parents were the cooks behind the  six delicious types of pancakes with recipes from the Netherlands (Dutch Babies), Norway (Pannekaker), Greece (Tiganites), Mexico (Frixuelos), Russia (Blini or Blintz), and America (Buttermilk Pancakes). The students used their new knowledge of adjectives to describe each pancake after tasting it. They used some unique adjectives to describe the look, smell, texture, and taste of each pancake type. Some of the adjectives used were savory, tasty, delicious, creamy, sweet, rich, and mouthwatering. Once the adjectives were all shared about the taste of each of the pancakes, a vote was taken, and most Second Graders liked the Mexican Pancakes or Frixuelos the best. Overall, the class enjoyed the experience very much.