Fergus Mechanics

Jesse and Wyatt Isaacs with their prizes.

By Jesse Isaacs

The Fergus Mechanics competition was Jan. 26 in Lewistown. Jesse and Wyatt Isaacs were the two competitors at the event. Some of the events they competed in were MIG Welding, Identifying Small Engine Parts, Identifying Tools, Carpentry, Concrete Calculations, Finding the PSI of a Small Pull Start Engine. They also competed in Measuring a Spark Plug Gap, Electrical Problems, Area Calculations on a Bucket, Questions About Solar Powered Mobile Watering Pumps, Questions About Wind Farms, Typing Words into the Terminator of a Computer, and finally they took a Common Knowledge Test about Mechanics. Overall, Jesse Isaacs placed 2nd and Wyatt Isaacs 4th out of 23 junior competitors. The top three competitors received a metal plaque. The junior competitors also received mechanical related prizes donated by local businesses. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable and educating. Congratulations on your placings!