EdReady Montana

By Dacy Buerkle

Plevna School has enrolled its 8th-12th grade students in EdReady English Montana, which is a program that has recently become available to local schools in the state. This program allows rural high schools to enrich classroom instruction and prepare students for the ACT. Montana is the first state to make EdReady English available to students. EdReady English Montana prepares students for upcoming class curriculum, supplements their skills, and revisits possible gaps in their general English skills. It can help them become better prepared for college English, allows them to practice English skills needed for a desired career path, as well as improving their study and review of English concepts for a standardized exam.

There are ten goals that the EdReady English uses for ACT Prep. Unit 1 is an Introduction to College Reading and Writing for Reading. The 2nd Unit deals with Identifying Main Ideas for Reading. Unit 3 teaches about Discovering Implied Meaning. Unit 4 delves into Interpreting Bias. Unit 5 reviews Analysis through Definition. Unit 6 teaches Learning across Disciplines. Unit 7 covers Exploring Comparative Elements, while Unit 8 reviews informed Opinions through Causal Chains. Unit 9 instructs on Applied Critical Analysis, and to round out the lessons, Unit 10 teaches Using Sources in Critical Reading and Writing. EdReady English helps prepare students, through the ten goals incorporating reading writing and grammar for college level English classes, ACT testing, and for writing students may encounter in their future jobs.