Solberg finishes career as four time state champ

By Shannon Johnson

  Last week Baker High School’s speech and drama team traveled to Three Forks, Montana to compete in State in Speech and Drama. Devon Solberg, son of Nate and Libby Solberg, took State for the fourth consecutive year with a Humorous Solo piece by James Beers titled ‘Toboggan Road’.

   Solberg, as well as the coaches that he’s spoken with, believe he may be the first person to take state for four consecutive years in drama, “To my knowledge I’m the only four time state champion in drama,” he explained. He is waiting to hear back from the Montana High School Association for confirmation.

   He is a senior this year and plans to pursue acting, comedy, and radio in his future. He would also like to attend college in Canada. “A lot of people expect me to go into acting now, which is what I want to do, but it’s kind of intimidating to live up to,” he admitted.

    He has been described as somebody who has a great deal of natural talent, but also works hard to perfect the pieces that he does. Despite his hard work, natural talent, and four state titles to prove it, Solberg remains humble in his accomplishments and is grateful for the people who have helped him with his accomplishments, “It’s been great having such a supportive community. ” he acknowledged.