EMEDA introduces Event Advertising Grant Program

By Shannon Johnson

This year, EMEDA is introducing a grant program to advertise for local events. The purpose of this grant is to help local businesses, organizations, and individuals draw a large enough crowd for them to hold events.

Their hope is to get more local events that will bring in people from out of town, as well as to give locals more to do without having to leave town. There is a list of criteria that must be met to be approved for the $1,000 advertising grant, but it covers a range of events from live music, to carnivals, and everything in between.

To apply for the grant, you can contact Shanny Spang Gion at the SMART office for a form. EMEDA has gotten everything necessary in place, and the program is now available. “I hope a lot of places take advantage of it,” said Vaughn Zenko, EMEDA’s Chairman.