BHS hallway monitors

By O’Connell Qualley

A recent addition to the hallways of Baker High School has been monitors that are suspended from the ceilings. Beginning in December of 2018, these monitors have been used to keep students up to date on scheduling, reminders, etc. that are important to keeping the school and all activities running smoothly. A recent survey indicates that there are a lot of ideas that have been offered as to what else should be displayed on these monitors.

Lorena Qualley, a parent to one of the students said, “Interesting facts about either the USA, world, cities, or states, should be displayed. Baker High School student Gabriella Qualley said, “Inspirational quotes and memes would be something they could display. “Mrs. Rost, one of the high school’s science teachers, stated, “Academic awards and achievements with pictures could be displayed, as well as fun facts and important news headlines that are relevant to students.”  Senior Sean Shelhamer said, “Teachers’ prep periods and games won and lost over the season should be displayed.” High schooler Katie Wang said, “They should display which national day it is.” Junior Lena Kennel commented, “It would be nice if artwork from Baker High School students was displayed.” Senior Jayden Allen stated, “Practice Schedules for sports and goals that need to be met before class and club meetings would be something helpful that could be displayed.” School counselor Mrs. Quade remarked, “Community scholarships for seniors would be helpful, as well as scores for games that happened over the weekend.” She also added, “They should continue displaying extracurricular activities that are not sports related, like Speech and Drama wins and club achievements for BPA and FFA.”