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  Friday, Jan. 23,

2009 —

Burglary charges are expected to be filed against a Baker man and a teenager in the break-in at the Bowman Drug early Sunday morning, Jan. 18. The perpetrators made off with checks and cash from the office, as well as some personal papers, all the bags of prescriptions waiting to be picked up by customer, and several prescription drugs including painkillers and male enhancement pills. “Copious amounts” of drugs and narcotics were taken. The two were arrested by Baker Police and Fallon County Sheriff’s deputies. . .American Lutheran Church is looking for a choir director/minister of music.


  Friday, Jan. 22,

1999 —

Every day people hear more and more about the Y2K computer dilemma. This is when computers are expected to go down because they wo-n’t be able to read the year 2000. Companies and government departments are working frantically to correct the problem. . .Tom Rieger was awarded the Robert E. Hedstrom award by the Montana Highway Patrol in December. It is the highest honor given out by the MHP. . .Concerned citizens filled the Fallon County courtroom Jan. 12 to discuss whether or not to form a water district north of the city limits. This was the third meeting for information and discussion. One more meeting will be held before a vote is taken. . .Green Dragon will hold their annual Super Bowl Pool Tournament with prizes all day long. . .Trustee positions are open for nomination on the Baker and Plevna School Boards. Baker, School District #12, has the positions of David Havens and Delbert Schweigert open for nomination. Plevna School District #55 will have the position of Douglas Rowe open for nomination. . .Daniel Mueller of Baker is a member of the freshman engineering team at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology that recently won SDSM&T’s bungee egg drop contest. He is the son of Renee and Ken Mueller of Baker. . .Johnson’s Black Simmental 20th annual bull sale will be held Feb. 1 .


  Thursday, Jan. 26, 1989 —

Chris May, Baker High School senior, dazzled judges in Great Falls to take first place in memorized public address at the State Speech and Drama meet, Jan. 20-21. . .Discussions continued on the present landfill problem, rocketed by the recent changes in regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency. . .There will be an open house Jan. 29 at the Fallon Medical Complex dining room featuring art paintings and pottery by Roger Grammond and art students at Baker High School. . .Michelle Gaub has been selected as Plevna High School’s delegate to Montana Girls State. She is the daughter of Mary and Gordon Gaub. LuAnn Wenz was selected as alternate and she is the daughter of Robert and Marilyn Wenz.


  Thursday, Jan. 25, 1979–

Outstanding people in this community were honored at the Jaycee’s Bosses Night last Saturday. Pictured is Jim Huether, who presents the awards to Jim Tweed, Doris Hastig and Gene Domagala. . .Navy Engineman Third Class Patrick D. Neary, son of Jessie M. Neary, has completed the Basic Engineman Course. . .Area students listed on the honor roll at Eastern Montana College include Terri Anderson and Thomas Mahon.


  Thursday, Jan. 23, 1969 —

Roger Lindgren was installed president of the Baker Chamber of Commerce Jan. 18 at the annual ladies night and banquet at Green Acres. . .President Richard M. Nixon and Vice President Spiro T. Agnew took the oath of office Jan. 20 at the Capitol. . .A truck pictured loaded with 6,078 rabbits shot by hunters in the area left from Baker Hide & Fur last Friday afternoon for Jamestown, N.D. . .Officers elected for the Credit Union for the coming year were Melvin Rabe and Ed Herbst to the board of directors and Duane Rindy and Earnest Herbst to the credit committee. Other members of the board are Drury Phebus and Christ Schopp. Ruth Townsend is a member of the credit committee. . .Matt Thielen, Plevna, is the newly elected member of the PCA board of directors, representing Fallon County. . .Emmett Gregerson, president of the Fallon County Athletic Club, told the Council that the Club was disbanding for lack of interest by members, so the City Council will have to take over the responsibilities of the athletic field.


  Thursday, Jan. 22, 1959–

Wilbert Schweigert is named “Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year” for this year by the Baker Jaycees. . .Mrs. Gene Russell and Ed Rieger are chosen as outstanding 4-H club leaders in the state and each received a plaque. . .Boy Scout Troop No. 29 is selling salted peanuts as March of Dimes benefit. . .Piano students taking their lessons from Mrs. Esther Benson were Nancy Bruce, Lynda Sieler, Mary Lou McCauley, Jack McCauley, Sue Blaser, Karen Ann Sipma,  Rae Bowen, Loretta Plummer, Lory Bruggeman and Delila Fried. . .Baker Homemakers have first meeting of the year at the L. W. Heftie home with Mrs. L. Price as hostess.

70 YEARS AGO  Thursday, Jan. 27, 1949 —

R. H. Robinson accompanied by H. B. French, Fred Steen and County Agent Gene Hoff drove to Billings Saturday to attend the meeting of the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs. They report the date for the Fallon County Fair as Aug. 27, 28 and 29. . .A low temperature of minus 33 was recorded for the week. . .With the heaviest county snow plows, two crews are working day and night opening roads in the sub-zero weather. The men have suffered from the cold but have kept at their job continuously and it has been extremely difficult to keep the equipment going. This has been the worst winter in a long time and ranchers are having trouble feeding their stock. Baker’s streets have been plowed out allowing one way traffic. The Baker grade school has been closed three days and the rural schools for two weeks.


  Thursday, Jan. 26, 1939 —

Judge Rudolph Nelstead states there will be no jury term of court in Fallon County until next fall as there are no important criminal cases pending. . .Skating is a great pleasure this week since the city had a large area on the lake scraped and the weather has kept it so favorable. A flood light has been installed at the fire hall, which adds to the enjoyment of night skating. . .Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Sikorski were honored on their golden wedding anniversary with a surprise breakfast in their honor at St. John’s Church by the Altar Society. . .New classes this semester at Baker High School include trigonometry, American Government and psychology. . .Oscar Brown, County Assessor, attended the State Assessors meeting at Helena last week.


  Thursday, Jan. 24, 1929 —

“Too much gas, not enough water,” is Ed Lake’s terse explanation of the boiler explosion which occurred Friday in the basement of his theatre, sending out its smothered boom for a block around. The theatre will be closed until Feb. 3. . .A program covering many phases of poultry improvement work which will be undertaken during the coming year was outlined. Six new members were taken into the organization and Miss Harnett Cushman, Extension poultry specialist, addressed the meeting of the Fallon County Poultry Assn. held at Hubbard Hall. . .Working over a steam pressure tank at the carbon plant Thursday morning when a lid was blown from a vat, Tony Wagner was caught by the scalding vapor and suffered severe burns to the eyes and face. . .Overcome by escaping fumes from the engine in the elevator, A. M. Kelin, manager of the Plevna Grain Co., was brought to the hospital in Baker Monday evening in an unconscious condition.


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