Baker High School brings back cheerleading

By O’Connell Qualley

Cheerleaders have not been seen on the sidelines or the floor of basketball games for some time, until just after Christmas break. Because of a large number of Spartans who wanted to bring this sport back and because there was a willing coach, Ashley Schwartz, BHS fans and players alike are enjoying seeing an increase in spirit and listening to those great Spartan cheers.

The cheerleaders for this year are Havyn Wilkinson, Gabriella Qualley, Skylar Wall, Taylor Bertsch, Ashley Marshall, Jaelyn Quenzer, Sayge Barkley, Madison Durden, Kylee Janz, Tai Setinc, Emilia Cuppy, Maria Moser and Erica Verke. Gabriella Qualley stated, “We will be bringing more cheers and dances as our skills continue to increase.” Havyn Wilkinson commented, “Cheer is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. We are proud to be the supporters of Baker high school and happy to bring cheer back.” Maria Moser said, “I’m glad my friends talked me into joining. All the people who are on the team have made two or almost three of the games we cheered at. It may be hard and make you sore, but the end results will be fabulous. I absolutely love cheerleading.” Emilia Cuppy also gave her thoughts. “Cheerleading so far is going great! Ashley has done an amazing job bringing this program back to life! We are all very excited to improve and to continue to represent BHS!” Coach Ashley Schwartz said, “Our first goal as a team was to be ready to cheer at the first game after Christmas Break which was Jan. 5, 2019.” She also said, “Some other goals of ours are to start stunting, cheer at varsity games, learn more cheers, dances, chants, timeout cheers. As well as to gain the involvement of the crowd and school spirit. We also plan to be more involved with school activities and the community. Some of our other plans are, to be a leader to everyone in the community, attend Cheer and Stunt camps, and put on cheer camps for younger girls.” Ashley also wanted to point out some of the plans that they have made saying, “As we continue with this program we hope to gain more interest throughout the years. We are planning to have cheerleading tryouts for the 2019 Fall Season. This will happen sometime in the spring of 2019. We want to continue to improve and grow as a team and always be striving to do and be better as a cheerleader but also as a leader of our school and community.”