Gotta Question

Why is the designated County Inspector a County Commissioner and not the County Sanitarian? Is he qualified?

Answered by Roy Rost, County Commissioner

According to the County Building Demo Agreement, “The primary purpose of this agreement is to encourage removal and disposal of unsightly and uninhabited buildings within FALLON COUNTY, MONTANA in a safe, cost effective and timely manner. The secondary purpose of this agreement is to create areas for development that will maximize the use of existing infrastructure and enhance the aesthetics of our county.” This agreement states that Fallon County residents are eligible to be reimbursed 50% of tipping costs at the Coral Creek Landfill when removing and disposing of buildings on their property. The purpose of the “designated County Inspector” in this case is simply to verify that said buildings are actually removed, as verification of removal and proof of tipping costs are required for reimbursement. The inspection itself requires no qualifications, only someone to confirm the demolition has occurred.