Forty-six teams compete in the coyote calling contest

The fifth annual Southeastern Montana Coyote Calling Contest held Jan. 4 – 5 had a great turnout. Forty-six teams competed for the top five places. A total of 48 coyotes were brought in during the 24 hour hunt.

The big dog, weighing 33 pounds, was bagged by Dillon James and Derrick O’Donnell of Baker.

Little dog weighed 17 pounds and was taken by Hayes Messerly and Seth Mitchell of Wibaux/Glendive.

First place team was John, Jacob and Mark Rieger of Plevna with six coyotes.

Second place team was Jason and Justin Bechtold of Baker with six coyotes.

First and second place were separated by weight eight pounds difference.

Third place team was Chad and Clint Zolnoski from Buffalo, S.D., with five coyotes.

Fourth – eight place were separated by weight as well.

Fourth place was Levi Swyre, Nick Dorsett and Tanner Phips of Baker will three coyotes.

Fifth place winners were Henry and Hunter Hastig of Plevna with three coyotes.

Coyote calling contests have steadily increased in popularity nationwide. The contests help manage coyotes that are increasingly impacting livestock and wild game populations. The local hunt is a result of a great team of volunteers and outstanding support from local businesses, farmers and ranchers.