Baker CowBelle to be installed as the President of the American National Cattle Women

By Shannon Johnson

On January 29 in New Orleans, La., Baker resident Wanda Braun Pinnow, the Secretary/Treasurer and the Legislative contact person for the Baker CowBelles, will be installed as the President of the American National Cattle Women (ANCW).

Pinnow joined the Baker CowBelles, a paid affiliate of the ANCW, in 1994. “I became a member of Baker CowBelles because, at the time, my husband Craig was the manager of the Reynolds meat department. I did not care for the information that was being given to the consumer or our children in the schools about beef,” she explained. “I attended workshops, I listened and learned. If my husband and I were going to represent our business of raising beef, I thought that I had better get informed.”

Pinnow has had a great deal of experience with the ANCW. She is the Representative for the Region V Membership Committee. “The United States is divided into seven regions. Montana is in region V. Each region has a member on each ANCW committee,” she explained. Pinnow became an MCW District Director in 1998. She served as MCW Beef Education Director from 2002-2008 and served as Vice President from 2008-2010. She then went on to become the President-Elect from 2010-2012. After that she served as the Montana CattleWomen’s President from 2012-2014.  She served as Immediate Past President for MT CattleWomen from 2014-2016.  She has been a member of the American National CattleWomen since 1998 and has served as ANCW Membership Region V and Chairman for two years. She has been the working group manager of the ANCW Legislative Policy and Resolutions since 2014. Amongst all of that, Pinnow is now currently the President Elect of American National CattleWomen.

Pinnow had to interview initially for the position of Vice President. “It was me and this lady from Arizona who was also interviewing for the position. I was totally shocked that they picked me over her as she has a doctorate,” said Pinnow.

She continued, “I had to also interview for President Elect again. To me it is a great honor that the members of ANCW have this much confidence in me. I know I can and will do the best job I can.  I totally believe that they feel the same way.”

Pinnow’s installment will be aired at 11 a.m. in Baker at the Tavern, for those of you who are eager to join in watching this significant achievement!


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