Holiday Traditions around the World

By Jenna Paul

Mrs. Spencer’s 5th and 6th grade english class studied holiday traditions from around the world. Each student shared one fact they learned about Christmas from countries around the globe.

5th Grade Facts About Christmas

Weston Buerkle: On Boxing Day people in Ireland participate in Yacht Races and Cricket.

Michael Goben: France has yule logs.

Callie Hoenke: During Chinese New Year people pass out red letters called packets, and they contain money.

Cheyenne Knight: The Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains celebrate Diwali. They believe that this celebration helps make good over evil and light over dark.

Tate Poppe: Santa wears swimming shorts for Christmas in Australia.

Turk Rieger: The most popular Christmas decoration in France is the nativity.   

Hugo Thielen: Australia has Boxing Day and the largest Christmas is in Australia.

Maile Wright: In Australia, they eat ham and eggs for Christmas Dinner.

Mrs. Spencer: The Christmas tree originated in Germany around 1419.

6th Grade Facts About Christmas:

Kalob Bollinger: In Japan, Christmas Eve is like Valentine’s Day.

Tristan Buerkle: Advent is 4 Sundays before Christmas. England and France both celebrate it.

Ty Butler: People in Ireland jump off 40-foot rocks in Dublin on Christmas Day.

Kali Dulin: Italy has La Befana, a witch, which is their version of Santa.

Jordan Hauff: Germany has a Santa that is called St. Nicholas.

Hayden Lane: The Chinese New Year animal this year is the Pig, which means honesty. Advent is four Sundays before Christmas.

Tonna MacYeaple: On December 26th people in Ireland go swimming.

Ethan Mellon: Christmas isn’t a major holiday in Japan because only 1% of the population is Christian.

Billie Jo Miller: England has prezzies not presents.

Trae Oberlander: The Japanese eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas dinner.

Aidyn Schwartz: People of Ireland celebrate Boxing Day.

Sophia Tudor: In England people burn their letters to Santa.