Friday, Jan. 9,

2009 —

Fallon County Dispatch Center completed FCC’s Wireless Phase II requirements in December. Now when a call comes into dispatch, the operator will be able to see the call-back number and will be given a latitude and longitude for the caller within 100 feet even if that call comes from a wireless phone. Callers will be able to get the help they need sooner. . .Chinese restaurant is now under new management and also has a new name, “Lucky Chinese Cafe”. . .Fallon County Recreation Dept. is seeking individuals to referee city league basketball. . .Pictures: Great Horned Owl sitting on Rich and Robin Menger’s deck arbor. They have also had deer on the deck, pheasants, grouse, mink and a multitude of birds in their yard. . .Even though the temperature dropped well below zero and the wind was bitter cold, 38 teams registered for the Coyote Calling Contest. Approximately 96 men began the weekend by signing in at the Corner Bar Friday night. At the end of the contest, 38 coyotes were brought in. First place went to a team from New Salem, N.D. – Kelly Johnson, Tory and Todd Hiede with four coyotes.


  Friday, Jan. 8,

1999 —

Twice in one month, WBI’s gas well meter houses were damaged by vandalism. This has resulted in $5,000 worth of damage. The matter is under investigation by the Fallon County Sheriff’s office. .  .All county officers for Fallon County were sworn in and took office as of 12:01 p.m., Dec. 31. Those taking office were County Commissioner Roddy Rost, County Attorney John Huntley, Sheriff Tim Barkley, Public Administrator Russell Culver, Coroner Jon Stevenson, Clerk and Recorder Mary Lee Dietz, Superintendent of Schools Marlene Ferrel, Treasurer Faye Koenig, Clerk of Court Jerrie Newell and Justice of the Peace Anna Straub. . . Pastor Byrd and Liz Stilwell will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary Jan. 17. . .Baker Spartan football players selected to play in the Big Sky All-Star game to be held June 11 are Pat Griffith, Dustin Gundlach and Clark Curry; and alternates Barry Varner, Kevin Lindstrom, Dustin Gorder and Guy Stickney. . .Low temperature Jan. 3 was 24 degrees. . .Roger Schmidt, Planner, will be working on GPS addresses for 911 in the three counties (Fallon, Carter and Wibaux) starting next month. . .John Karch has been appointed to the Museum Board to complete Carol Karch’s term.


  Thursday, Jan. 12, 1989 —

High temperature Jan 4 was 48 degrees and low was -21 Jan. 7. . .Baker Chamber of Commerce honored 15 new businesses at their banquet Jan. 5. . .The Allerdings sisters, Sheryl and Sheila, were selected by the coaches of the Class C teams to be on the All-Conference team. They are the daughters of Milbert and Betty Allerdings. . .American Lutheran Church youth are taking orders for submarine sandwiches for Super Bowl Sunday. . .Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen have returned from their winter travels. They spent Thanksgiving in California, then they lived in a condo at Green Valley, Ariz., for a month. . .Stasia Corey spent the holidays in New Mexico and California. She had the pleasure of attending the Pasadena Rose Parade Jan. 2. . .Mr. and Mrs. Mel Herbst celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Jan 1. 1989. . .There will be a beginning weight training class at the Recreation Complex set to begin Jan 24.


  Thursday, Jan. 11, 1979–

A new highway patrolman has been assigned to the Baker area. Don Denning is from Great Falls and moved to Baker Dec. 1. . .Representative Harold Wyrick departed for Helena Jan. 2 where he will attend the 46th session of the State Legislature. He was accompanied by Barbara Neumann who will be a page for the initial week of this year’s conclave. . .Dove Lawler, 92 years old of Baker, passed away Jan. 5 in the Fallon Memorial Hospital. . .University of Montana lists three Baker students on the dean’s list. They are Brian Shepherd, Lisa Wiman and Denise Graham. . .Left handed Wade Jacobsen goes up for two points against a tough Glendive basketball team last Saturday night. Glendive topped Baker 76-47.


  Thursday, Jan. 9,

1969 —

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Duffield celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at their home. . .Don Rieger has completed the intensified course of auctioneering, public speaking and sales management. . .In the early morning hours of Dec. 20, a fire of unknown origin completely demolished a mobile home belonging to Clinton Stanhope. . .Rolph Tunby has been elected to serve as chairman of the county commissioners of Fallon County for 1969 at their first meeting of the year. . .Robert E. Herbst is now associated with the Baker National Bank and Insurance Agency as an insurance representative and loan officer. . .Severe cold claimed the life of 28 year old Vietnam veteran, Harold LaBree, Ismay, Dec. 30.


  Thursday, Jan. 8, 1959–

Baker Livestock Commission, Inc., formerly known as the Baker Sales Barn, Inc., met Tuesday evening at the Jake Schweigert home and made definite plans to continue the establishing of an auction sales barn in Baker. . .Tuesday evening marked the official closing out of the Ground Observer Corps in this area. . .James Morrow and Gerald “Butch” O’Connor were involved in an accident at 8 p.m., one mile north of Baker, in which both drivers and riders escaped injury. . .Plans and preparations for the big ten game Jaycee basketball tournament are now underway. . .County Commissioner Joe Steffes of Plevna was missed at the courthouse this week as he completed his six year term of office as commissioner from the Plevna district. Jake Ehret took over as the new commissioner from that district.

70 YEARS AGO  Thursday, Jan. 13, 1949 —

The area had another blizzard and cold wave over the weekend with the weather moderating Wednesday. . .Richard Pease of Butte arrived Wednesday in Baker to fill the position of history teacher at the high school and music teacher in the grade school to replace M. Torgeson who resigned because of ill health. . .Baker Community Club at the annual meeting held Friday evening at Grainger’s Hall with a record attendance, elected Roy McClain, president; L. R. Moline, first vice president; Francis LaCross, second vice president; L. Price, treasurer; directors are Rex Flint, Dale Brown, C. H. Duppler, George Randash, Dan Helgeson, Frank Cunningham and Vern Bublitz. . .Mrs. C. F. Hogeboom purchases interest in Leon-Mar Jewelry Store from Mrs. M. Torgeson of Rapid City.


  Thursday, Jan. 12, 1939 —

Harry Schroth elected president of Commercial Club with Jack Mellor and C. W. Samsel, vice presidents; L. W. Busch, secretary; and L. Price, treasurer. Directors are Rex Flint, D. R. Young, A. O. Gullidge, M. L. Russell, Karl L. Pleissner, Marion Rollins and Dr. R. T. Joyce. . .At the last meeting of the school board, another three year contract was made with A. O. Gullidge who is now on his 15th year as superintendent of the Baker Schools. . .Baker Business and Professional Woman’s Club met Tuesday evening at the J. F. Smola residence with Miss Genevieve Marking as hostess. . .Annual Orthopedic Ball will be held Jan. 28 at the Legion Hall. . .Knights of Pythias installed the following officers at their regular meeting Tuesday: Cliff Cate, Geo. Gunderson, E. Schneider, F.O. Kuss, Flace Phebus, W. C. Erther, H. E Niccum, Earl Jensen and G. J. Cotad.


  Thursday, Jan. 10, 1929 —

A. O. Gullidge is retained as head of Baker schools and given a three year contract. . .Only three new officials were among those reporting to their offices at the courthouse Monday morning: Ray Lyman, county commissioner; Judson Corey, surveyor; Mrs. Cecil M. Carey, clerk of court. . .Baker Mercantile Co., oldest store of its kind in the city, was sold just before the holidays to Wier Co. of Hardin. It will be re-opened Saturday under a new firm name and management. Recently purchasing the building which his shop occupies, Joe Smola now is constructing a 28×25 annex in the rear which will house a cleaning plant.