Governors and First Lady Leadership Council Retreat

Cheyenne Farris attending the conference.

By Cheyenne Farris

On Nov. 30, Cheyenne Farris and Mrs. MacYeaple, chaperone, travelled to Helena to attend the Governor and First Lady Leadership Council Retreat. The Council works to address childhood hunger in Montana. The students on the Council received training on planning and executing a project and shared their ideas for combating childhood hunger. The two-year students, who attended the conference last year, gave advice to this year’s new students. A few of the project ideas included a 5k Fun Run, After the Bell Breakfast with a lunch cart, a Silent Auction, a Bake Sale, and a Raffle. Cheyenne, along with nineteen other students from around Montana met in the Governor’s Office in the Capitol Building to discuss project ideas for the year. They also attended several different activities and spent part of their day getting to know each other. Before heading to lunch they participated in a Poverty Simulation, where members partnered up and attempted to obtain food benefits such as food stamps to buy their food. The members then had lunch in the Governor’s Office with First Lady Bullock, who believes that no child should ever have to go through hunger. Regrettably, Governor Bullock was in Mexico City and could not attend the lunch. The students then returned home to plan their own project to launch during Fight Childhood Hunger Week, April 8th – 14th. The group will be communicating through conference calls, the first took place on Dec. 17. This was an amazing experience for Cheyenne; and she is glad she attended.