Fourth grade read Indian in the Cupboard

Fourth graders with their cupboards.

By Jenna Paul

After reading Indian in the Cupboard, Mrs. Isaacs’ fourth grade class made their own cupboards after which they wrote stories about their cupboard characters. Jordan Paul put a cowboy in his cupboard; Abagayel Stonebrink used a little bear and horse. Caleb McLachlan used a bear and a pig, while Milo Isaacs put Lego people in his cupboard. Lizzy Cole had a stuffed leopard in her cupboard, Sara Tudor put two rabbits inside her cupboard, and Cru Schwartz had Pokémon in his. Ahren Goben placed a horse and a dog in his cupboard, and Kaeden Oberlander positioned a giant dog and an army man. The students not only enjoyed reading Indian in the Cupboard, but also became creative in designing their own cupboard with a story about their characters.