2018-19 Status report for Baker Lake upgrades

By Richard Menger,

MS.REHS, Fallon County Environmental Health

As part of Fallon County’s ongoing responsibilities for restoration and civic commitments to improve Baker Lake, the following represents what has been completed thus far and what is to be completed during early 2019. All restoration work except for wetland plug planting was completed by mid-October 2018. This wetland plug planting will be completed between May and July 2019. A total of 1,378 linear feet of rock shoreline treatment was constructed with 6,900 live willow cuttings, collected from the lower Yellowstone River watershed, were planted as part of this shoreline treatment. A total of 620 trees and shrubs were planted along the shoreline and constructed wetland fringe. These included Plains Cottonwood, Sandbar Willow and Pacific Willow. Approximately 10.5 acres were seeded with a native seed mix. Almost 1,400 linear feet of shoreline treatment has been completed by private land owners.

Between May 15 and July 15 of 2019, Baker Lakes wetland fringe (very shallow waters) will be planted with 61,830 wetland plugs. Two (2) beach areas have been improved or constructed on the east and west shorelines. Fish plantings will start this spring. Other public facilities are in the works to enhance the recreation potentials of this water resource.*

*excerpts taken from memorandum to US Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers, Annual Status Report 2018 Baker Lake Restoration.