Volcanoes erupt in Earth Science Class

Seth Carroll and his volcano.

By Dacy Buerkle

On Nov. 30, the freshmen students set off the volcano models they made in Mrs. Schumacher’s Earth Science class. The students paired up and made their volcano models out of a flour, salt, and water mixture. Hadyn Mellon created Mount Jefferson located in Oregon, while Cheyenne Farris and Lily Hoeger shaped Mount Cleveland located in Alaska. Seth Carroll and Jesse Isaacs formed Mount Rainier in Washington, while Chloe Tudor and Alexia Wills created Mount Dutton in Alaska. Finally, Cooper Peterson and Brentan Beyers worked together to mold Mount Hood located in Oregon. The power behind these volcanic eruptions was baking soda and vinegar. A few students added food coloring to their mixture to make their eruptions colorful. Overall, the Earth Science class had an interesting time learning about volcanoes.