Friday, Jan. 9,

2009 —

Fallon County Dispatch Center completed FCC’s Wireless Phase II requirements in December. Now when a call comes into dispatch, the operator will be able to see the call-back number and will be given a latitude and longitude for the caller within 100 feet even if that call comes from a wireless phone. Callers will be able to get the help they need sooner. . .Chinese restaurant is now under new management and also has a new name, “Lucky Chinese Cafe”. . .Fallon County Recreation Dept. is seeking individuals to referee city league basketball. . .Pictures: Great Horned Owl sitting on Rich and Robin Menger’s deck arbor. They have also had deer on the deck, pheasants, grouse, mink and a multitude of birds in their yard. . .Even though the temperature dropped well below zero and the wind was bitter cold, 38 teams registered for the Coyote Calling Contest. Approximately 96 men began the weekend by signing in at the Corner Bar Friday night. At the end of the contest, 38 coyotes were brought in. First place went to a team from New Salem, N.D. – Kelly Johnson, Tory and Todd Hiede with four coyotes.


  Friday, Dec. 25,

1998 —

Baker area Habitat for Humanity is pleased to have Teresa Waller, her son DJ and her daughter Breanna as the future owners of the Habitat house. Teresa was selected after a lengthy application process and several home visits. . .Knights of Columbus Men’s Basketball Scholarship Tournament will be held Dec. 26-27 at McGonigal Gymnasium in Baker. . .Scouts have record popcorn sales. In Baker, Cub Scout Pack 256 sold $9,996 worth of popcorn, surmounting last  year’s sale of $8,548. There  were 23 Scouts selling popcorn this year and the top seller was Anthony Morast who sold a total of $1,123. Approximately $2,765 of the sales will stay in Baker. . .A 22 year tradition continued last week as  12 residents of Fallon County Nursing Home boarded the Fallon Flyer to get a look at all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Candy Mettler is the activities director at the nursing home and sets up this event for the residents to enjoy. Her assistant is Cathy Dietrich. . .There will be free cookies and candy all day Dec. 24 at Gramma  Sharon’s. . .Picture: The Christmas display at the home of Evelyn Morrison, north of Baker, can be seen five miles away. . .DaNae Wiseman was chosen to play Mary in the Christmas program at Peace Lutheran Church in Plevna. DaNae has undergone five stages of chemotherapy for leukemia and is now in the sixth stage. She will finish that stage Jan 2 and Jan. 4 she will undergo a bone marrow and spinal tap at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City. For the next year she will be on a lighter maintenance program which will consist mostly of pills.


  Thursday, Dec. 29, 1988 —

Sandstone Saddlery is moving to Miles City the first week of January. . .Arthur Sieler will celebrate his 80th birthday Jan. 1. . .Brian Shepherd, son of Sandy Shepherd, recently completed his studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was awarded a doctorate degree in chemistry. . .Mark Hecker has completed his second season as a member of the football team at the University of Mary, Bismarck, N.D. Mark is the son of MaryAnn and John Hecker. . .Robert Burns earned his fourth varsity letter in football at Grinnell College. He is the son of Bee Burns of Baker and Kerry Burns of Boise, Idaho and is a chemistry major. . .With her view of Christmas, Kari Robinson won the national Valley Motor/Car Quest Christmas Card Contest. She is the daughter of Dana and Raenette Robinson of Baker. . .Ekalaka Eagle announced that Kathy Sikorski, south of Willard, is the new manager of the Farmers Union in Ekalaka.


  Thursday, Dec. 28, 1978 —

Baker Lions Club converted the tennis courts into skating rinks by running water over the cement, forming ice. . .Dec. 11, twin boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Conrad at the Fallon Memorial Hospital. These are the first to be born in the hospital since August 1970. Dr. Tillo delivered Gerald Craig who weighed 3 lbs. 4 oz. and Joshua Paul, weighing 4 lbs. . .Appearing now in the Fallon County Times are J. P. Doodles and his band of characters. J. P. Doodles, created by Barry McWilliams, earns his keep as justice of the peace in a small town and frequently finds himself in situations any Montanan can appreciate.


  Thursday, Dec. 26, 1968 —

Navy Ensign Timothy A. Sikorski, son of Mrs. Francis F. Sikorski of Willard, has made his first solo flight. . .The glory of Christmas in music was presented by the concert band under the direction of Roy Wood and the mixed choir directed by L. F. Bruggeman Wednesday evening in the high school gym. . .The snowmobile is proving a fun thing in Fallon County as many families gathered south of town recently to try out the thrills offered by the machine. . .In talking to the health officer of Fallon County, it was revealed that last week approximately 100 had received medical care for flu. . .Service awards were presented to employees at the annual Montana-Dakota Utilities banquet Saturday evening. Dave Price, assistant gas production manager at Glendive, made the presentation to James Bruce – 40 years, J. R. Corbitt – 35 years, Thomas Ferrel – 25 years, David Gray and Earl Wiseman – both 15 years and Orville Rost – 10 years. . . The danger and seriousness of the present snowfall hangs over county and city officials like a pall. County Commissioners report that all the snow moving equipment is at work in the three districts of the county. There is 12 to 25 inches of snow reported at points in the county and the worst is the Willard-Webster district. . .Wildlife rabies has re-occured in southeastern Montana for the first time since 1966. A skunk was observed chasing the dog of Frank Sparks and exhibited furious symptoms. The skunk was killed, brought in for diagnosis and was found with rabies. . .Patrick Raymond Corey was discharged from the Army Dec. 16.


  Thursday, Dec. 25, 1958 —

Shown being congratulated by Marc B. Rottman, president of J. I. Case Co., are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pinnow of Pinnow’s Service, Plevna, attending a special dinner in their honor as winners of a 25M award for outstanding sales performance. The reception was held in tropical Nassau in the Bahama Islands. . .A business deal was completed Wednesday when C. G. Berwald sold Baker Cement Plant to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kreager and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kreager. . .The staff at the Fallon County Times celebrates two birthdays this Christmas Day. Of course, the most important date is Christmas, but the other event we are celebrating is our 44th year of publication. . .R. W. Irvine, Baker farmer, was elected chairman of the Fallon County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee.

70 YEARS AGO  Thursday, Dec. 23, 1948 —

The Baker Fire Department is scheduling their 26th Annual Ball for New Year’s Eve, Friday, December 31. It will be held at the Legion hall and the music will be by the Legionnaires. . . A near tragedy occured last night in the Harvey Afrank home and the family of five is hospitalized because of gas poisoning. The parents had turned up the fires when they returned home from a party last evening and retired for the night. None of their stoves are connected with flues and the gas fumes affected all of them. . .The high winds Sunday night blew out one of the large upper panes of glass of a window in the school. A large quilt and cardboard are now taking the place of the absent glass, since none large enough could be obtained in Baker at present.


  Thursday, Dec. 29, 1938 —

Winter is here at last with the temperature getting nippy and snow is falling today. The low for the week is minus 12. . . Sixteenth annual Fireman’s Ball will be held Saturday. . Following the appointment of county physician and county health officers for 1939 made by the county board of commissioners last week, the local doctors have discussed the local health situation with the board and have suggested that a Fallon County Medical Association be formed and give proper medical service at a reasonable cost. . . A family reunion is being enjoyed at the home of Mrs. Nellie Seaman during the Christmas holidays. For the first time, the children have all been home together. The youngest member of the family was born after the oldest had left home.


  Thursday, Dec. 27, 1928 —

James Kochel has been appointed undersheriff by W. B. Frankland. Except for the recent months when Mr. Kochel has operated a dray line in Baker, he has been a rancher in the Knowlton area almost 20 years. Preparatory to taking up his new duties, Kochel sold his dray business last week to Archie Wilson. . .Masons and Eastern Stars participated in an impressive ceremony at the Masonic Hall last evening when officers of both organizations were jointly installed. Mrs. Esther LaCross was installed as worthy matron with A. O. Gullidge worthy patron. For the Masons, L. E. Livingston was installed worshipful master. . .Dr. R. T. Joyce, who came to Baker last July from dental school at Marquette University to enter the office of Dr. Potterton as his assistant, leaves the city Sunday for his home in Geraldine.