Baker Police Department welcomes officer Bachelor

By Shannon Johnson

   This month the Baker Police Department welcomed two new officers. Officer Dustin Bachelor was sworn in along side officer Daylon Richard on Dec. 12 at 10 a.m.

   Officer Bachelor was raised in small-town Nebraska, spending a lot of his time on farms and ranches. Bachelor was involved in athletics throughout his school career including football, competitive power lifting, and track for a brief period. “My track record wasn’t worth mentioning,” he laughed. “I loved baseball as a young kid, but I didn’t get to play that in high school.”

   Along with athletics, Bachelor was also a self-proclaimed “band geek” in high school, playing the baritone. His love for music became a lifelong hobby when he picked up the guitar.

   After high school, Bachelor traveled to Montana to attend MSU-Bozeman in pursuit of a degree in physics. He spent some time in Montana enjoying the scenery before a change of heart spurred him to switch career paths and return home to Nebraska where he stayed for several years.

   Bachelor moved to Baker after visiting his parents, who had moved to Baker during his freshman year of college. “They wanted to be closer and they always wanted to live in Montana anyway, so they took that as a good opportunity,” he explained. He has since lived in Montana and North Dakota, spending a little over a year in Boulder, Montana before returning to the Baker area.

   Along with being a full-time police officer, Bachelor is also a full-time dad. “Yeah, I have a kid, but I forget her name sometimes,” he joked with her. “My daughter Aurora just started kindergarten this year. She absolutely loves school.”

   Bachelor is eager to start his career in law enforcement. “I feel like I would like to make a difference in the world,” admitted Bachelor. “This is the best way I can think to do it on a local level.”

   Bachelor will be going to Helena to attend the Police Academy in April, and he looks forward to returning to better serve his community. In the meantime, he plans to stay busy learning his job, spending time with his daughter, reading, and making music. “I’m looking forward to upholding justice as it should be upheld, not abusing power, and ensuring that people are safe and secure,” he smiled. “Along the way I want to maintain a good relationship between law enforcement and the civilian community.”