Tumbling Tumble Weeds 4-H Club

By Wanda Pinnow

For the past 15 years the Tumbling Tumble Weeds 4-H Club has made decorated Christmas door wreaths. With  the help of Carla Brown, at Council of Aging. Mrs. Brown would give Wanda Pinnow, the Club leader names of shut-in elder members of the community. It was so special for the members to  personally deliver these door wreaths. The recipients of the wreaths were so thankful that someone remembered them  during this time of year.

With the HIPAA laws coming into play the  4-H members have not been able to personally deliver their gift. We would leave them with Mrs. Brown and she would deliver them. Earlier this year member Halle Brown did a demonstration on how to make a fence post snowman. The  club gathered on Dec. 10, in the library basement to paint and decorate their snowmen. Twenty-nine fence post snowmen were made. Some were kept at as gift for the members grandparents and the rest were delivered to Superior Care Villa by the members themselves that very evening.