Second grade Native American Projects

Johnny Miller and Benjamin Watkins with their booklet and food.

By Dacy Buerkle

Mrs. Oberlander’s second grade class recently did projects on Native American Tribes throughout North America. The students were split into groups of two and each group was given a different tribe to research. They researched the location of each tribe, their family structure, shelter, clothing, food, and interesting facts about each tribe. After putting together booklets about the different tribes, the students brought in some food that each tribe ate. Mason Goben and Chaes Oberlander did their project on the Navajo Tribes of the Southwest. Tate Luhman and Corbin Buerkle researched the Inuit Tribe of the Arctic. Johnny Miller and Benjamin Watkins researched the Sioux Tribe of the Plains while Tayvn Buerkle and Liam Lane researched the Tlingit Tribes of the Northwest.


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