Baker Lady Spartans Basketball

Alissa Bohle against Ekalaka.
Photo by Carole Bettenhausen.

Lady Spartans host the Ekalaka Lady Bulldogs

On Dec. 11, Baker hosted the Ekalaka Lady Bulldogs. Although they are rivals, it is a friendlier rivalry because they are not in the same division since Baker is Class B and Ekalaka is Class C. Playing a team of a different division can be beneficial for both teams. From Baker’s point of view, it is beneficial because it is often a faster-paced game and allows our players to get used to playing at a higher speed. The Lady Spartans faced this challenge but did not quite defeat the Bulldogs; the final score was 51-17. Lady Spartan Halle Burdick said, “Unfortunately, we didn’t really show up to play.”

Mya Hadley led the Lady Spartans in points with 7, followed by Andie Batchelor with 4. Halle Burdick, Sady Harbaugh and Shelby Moore each made 2 points. Halle Burdick and Mya Hadley led the team in rebounds, each having made 6. Close behind was Sady Harbaugh with 5, followed by Andie Batchelor with 4. Sophia Dulin had 3 rebounds, Alissa Bohle and Alex Williams each had 2, and Kelsey Miller, Shelby Moore, and Rilee Petterson each had 1. Halle Burdick, Sady Harbaugh, Sophia Dulin each had one steal. Despite the loss, these Lady Spartans worked hard and are excited to apply their lessons learned from this early loss to improve their game.

Lady Spartans secure first Conference win

By Halle Burdick

On Dec. 14, the Lady Spartans traveled to Lame Deer to compete in their first conference game of the 2018-19 season. The Spartans prepared themselves for a tough game against the Lady Morning Stars, which is always a tough team to beat. The Spartans came out firing with a score of 28-21 in the first half. With the momentum in their favor, the Lady Spartans again outscored the Lady Stars in the third quarter 11-9. With a final score of 52-46, the Lady Spartans defeated the Lady Stars, their first conference win.

The game proved to be very physical as the Lady Spartans attempted a total of 34 free throws. Halle Burdick led the team with 18 points and 11 of her points came from free throws. Andie Batchelor followed closely behind with 17. Sady Harbaugh scored 6, Shelby Moore 5, Mya Hadley 4 and Sophia Dulin scored 2. Mya Hadley led the team with 9 rebounds, followed by Burdick and Harbaugh with 8 and 7 respectively. Moore and Batchelor had 3 rebounds each and Alissa Bohle 1. The scrappy Spartan team played very aggressively, accumulating a total of 19 steals. Batchelor led with 5, followed by Kelsey Miller and Burdick with 4, Moore 3, Harbaugh 2 and Hadley with 1

Baker Lady Spartans host Lodge Grass

By Lena Kennel

On Dec. 15, the Baker Lady Spartans hosted a home basketball game against Lodge Grass. With a packed gym and the pep band playing some popular tunes, everyone was excited for the games. According to Halle Burdick, “We had a difficult time breaking the press but worked hard to end with a close end score of 34 to 40.”

Although Lodge Grass plays a rough game, the Spartans held strong and fought till the very end. Sophomore Mya Hadley led the Spartans, scoring 10 total points with senior Andie Batchelor coming up second with 9 points in this game. Sady Harbaugh scored 6 points, Shelby Moore scored 4, Halle Burdick had 3 and McKenna Griffith claimed another 2 for the team. Mya Hadley also led Baker with 8 rebounds, followed by Sady Harbaugh with 7, Halle Burdick with 5, Shelby Moore with 4, and Andie Batchelor and McKenna Griffith both with 3 each for a grand total of 30 rebounds. There were a total of 11 steals during the girls’ game with Kelsey Miller and Sady Harbaugh each claiming 3 of their own, Halle Burdick and Shelby Moore taking 2 for themselves and Mya Hadley stealing 1. Kelsey Miller, Halle Burdick and McKenna Griffith each had one assist for a total of 3. Sady Harbaugh also had the singular block of the game. Halle’s final comment was, “Despite losing, this was great practice for our team to play against a fast-paced opponent and learn how to combat a tough press.”