The Facebook Dilemma

By Courtney Tudor

This past week, in preparation for an upcoming paper, the senior government class watched a documentary. The video had been released in October of this year by PBS Frontline. The documentary was named The Facebook Dilemma, and it addressed a signal question, “Is Facebook more harmful or helpful?” Baker High School students learned both the benefits and downsides to living in the generation of international ‘connection’. From personal privacy to a wide stretched civil crisis, Facebook holds a large handful of global control. Maleah Graham shared, “It is disturbing how involved it is to every aspect of a person’s life. If you are a member of the Facebook community the invasion of privacy doesn’t end when you close the app.” This film will surely stick in the minds of those who watched each time they unlock their phone. Jayden Allen stated, “While I have never used Facebook, one reason why I am reluctant to ever use it, is because of the amount of personal information Facebook can collect.”  Lilly Hanson commented, “The reason I got Facebook was to connect with my family that lives in Texas; after seeing this documentary it makes me want to delete my account because Facebook knows too much about me.”


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