Hot Time at the Fire House

Children and parents having pizza for supper.

By Jenna Paul

On Nov. 11 the Plevna Firefighters held their Biannual Movie Night. The night started with pizza for the people attending the movie. While the children were eating, members of the Plevna Fire Department were making buckets of popcorn. As a continuation of the Fire Safety they learned earlier at school, firefighter Kay Webb quizzed the crowd. She asked what had happened over the weekend with the clocks, and how that affected our community. Since Daylight Savings Time ended, clocks were set back an hour and it is a great time to change the batteries in our smoke alarms. To help promote changing batteries in our smoke alarms, the Plevna Fire Department will have a movie party every time the clock changes. Popcorn was provided to everyone in the room, after which the movie, Incredibles 2, was shown. Overall, the children had a fun time watching a movie and remembering to change their smoke alarm batteries!