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Town of Plevna Zoning Ordinance #54

Submitted by Mary Grube

Planning Department

In October, 2017, the Town of Plevna Council adopted Zoning Ordinance #54. Yes, Plevna really does have zoning!! The purpose and intent of adopting the Town Zoning Ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Plevna; and implement the policies, goals and strategies of the Fallon County Growth Policy.

What does this mean for the Town of Plevna Citizens? It means that hereinafter, unless noted in the Zoning Regulations, no land or building shall be used, no prior use of a building or land shall be changed, and no building, structure or improvement shall be made, erected, constructed, moved, altered, enlarged, or rebuilt except in accordance with Zoning Ordinance #54.

The Town of Plevna consists of the following Zoning Districts: Residential Districts which include Agricultural Residential, R-1 for Residential Zoning, and R-2 for Multiple Family Residential Zoning; and Commercial Districts which include C-1 for Central Business and C-2 for RV Park Zoning District; Public  Zoning Districts (unincorporated), and Floating Zoning District (Planned Unit Development).

There are non-conforming uses within the Town of Plevna. These are land uses that existed before the Zoning Regulations were adopted. These do not conform with the terms and requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. These areas are incompatible with the surrounding areas within the zoning districts. However, these are allowed in Article 11.12.0 of the Zoning Regulations, and are regulated therein until their eventual elimination. The purpose of this Article is to establish standards to regulate the continued existence of these uses, structures, and lots that do not conform to the provisions of this Ordinance. Whenever a nonconforming use is changed to a conforming use, the property cannot revert back to nonconforming.

Development Permits may be picked up at the Plevna Town Office. Development may not commence until the Zoning Administrator has signed off on the permit. There may be times that the Zoning Administrator will call upon the Zoning Commission to review the application. The Zoning Administrator will complete a staff report and will provide it to the applicant with approval, approval with conditions or disapproval. If the Zoning Administrator finds the application complies with the Ordinance and all other applicable ordinances and regulations, the permit shall be issued within 15 working days. If it does not comply, the applicant will be provided 60 calendar days from the written notice to submit a corrected application based on the applicable standards of the Zoning Ordinance and all other ordinances and regulations. If the Zoning Administrator does not receive the application within 60 days from the written notice to submit corrected application, the application shall be considered withdrawn.

This is a complex process!! However, Planning Staff is willing to discuss or walk you through any of the procedures associated with Plevna Zoning. If you have any questions at all, please contact me at 406-778-7111. The Zoning Regulations for the Town of Plevna can be found on the Fallon County Planning Website.