Kindergarten community helpers

The kindergarten class dressed for the careers of their future.

By Dacy Buerkle

November 1, Mrs. Bidwell’s kindergarten class took on the persona of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Each student had the opportunity to dress up and present their career of choice. Shiloh Pinkey wants to be a waitress because she enjoys serving people food and likes that waitresses have good manners. Alan Wiedmer desires to be a mechanic because he likes cars. Weston Robertus fancies playing for the Denver Broncos because he can throw a football really far. Emory Rieger dressed up as a teacher. She likes to help little kids and hopes to teach kindergarten one day. Kellan Knuths likes to build and work on projects and hopes to one day become a contractor. Mason Lai aspires to become a doctor because he likes to help sick and hurt people. Brynn Buerkle enjoys painting and hopes to become an art teacher. Kevin Lewis wants to be a Youtuber and make videos. The kindergarteners made a video presentation of their career in Ms. Kirschten’s class. They had tons of fun presenting their future careers.


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