District 11 Honor Band and Choir

By Lena Kennel and Alissa Schell

On Nov. 19 and 20, twenty-one Baker students joined with students from eight other schools to participate in the annual District Honor Band and Choir concert. They left early Monday morning to audition for their chair placement. Out of the seventeen band students from Baker, nine received the honor of being first chair for their section. These included Alissa Bohle, Maleah Graham, Lena Kennel, Terrell Koenig, Caleb Ploeger, Rachel Rost, Will Rost, Devon Solberg, Courtney Tudor and Katie Wang. The students rehearsed together all day Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the concert on Tuesday evening. The choir performed first, singing a total of six songs, then the band played four pieces to conclude the concert. With all of the students coming together and working hard, they put on a wonderful concert yet again while also learning many new skills during their short time together.