Caught in a pickle

Halle Burdick and Shelby Moore carefully examine their corpse.

By Courtney Tudor

On Nov. 16, 2018, Baker High School Biology II students headed to their classroom and were shocked by their discovery of a grotesque crime scene upon arrival. Scattered about the room were deceased pickles. These fermented cucumbers each had distinguishing features, some with tattoos and others with body piercings. The students, better known as scientists, had to perform and document autopsies. Each autopsy included recording the patient’s pH, observing injuries postmortem, and determining the cause of death.

Students Lena Kennel’s and Marissa Levistead’s autopsy report documents their findings as follows: “Herman was in the front row with his buddies at a rock concert. They were jamming out to a concert which was sold out. While they were leaving, a jealous man who had wanted to go to the concert attacked and killed Herman. The cause of death was excessive blood loss. During the autopsy, we discovered many lacerations in the abdomen, lumbar and limb area. Many of the lacerations were deep.”

At the conclusion of the class, each group was required to perform a burial. This included carefully wrapping the patient in a paper towel and laying him or her to rest…in the trash. Mrs. Rost’s Biology class learned two important lessons through this exercise. First, how to properly observe and record information using anatomical terms. Second, it is critically important that one avoids dangerous situations to prevent themselves from getting into a pickle.


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