JH Basketball

By Jenna Paul

On Nov. 9, the Cougars traveled to Terry for another round of basketball. The Girls’ B Team won 21 to 17. Sophia Tudor scored 18 and Hayden Lane scored 3 points. The Boys’ B Team lost 17 to 40. Ethan Mellon 6 points, Cru Schwartz scored 5 points, and Kaeden Oberlander, Weston Buerkle, and Aidyn Schwartz each scored 2 points for the team. The Girls’ A Team won 28 to 23. Sophia Tudor scored 10 points, Jaeda Paul scored 9, Sophia Schumacher put 4 points on the board, Tylee Rieger and Hayden Lane each scored 2 points, and Billie Jo Miller scored 1 point.

On Nov. 10, Sacred Heart came to Plevna for a few games. The Girls’ B Team lost a hard fought battle of 22 to 24. Sophia Tudor scored 13 points and Hayden Lane scored 9 points. The Boys’ B Team also lost a tough game of 20 to 21. Cru Schwartz scored 8, Kalob Bollinger and Tate Poppe each scored 4, Jordan Paul scored two points, and Trae Oberlander and Weston Buerkle each with 1 point. The Girls’ A Team lost 17 to 59. Sophia Tudor and Jaeda Paul each scored 6 points, Tylee Rieger scored 4 points, and Hayden Lane scored 1 point. The Boys’ A Team lost 29 to 40. Brandon Breihahn and Kalob Bollinger each scored 6 points, Nick Buerkle and Cru Schwartz each scored 4, Ruilin Li put up 3 more points, and Ethan Mellon, Tristan Buerkle, and Ty Butler contributed 2 points each to the score.

On Nov. 16 and 17, the Plevna Cougars will travel to Sacred Heart to play in the Junior High Basketball Tournaments.

Season Ends

By Jenna Paul

The Plevna Cougars junior high basketball teams finished their season with tournaments played at Sacred Heart in Miles City. The junior high girls’ played against Melstone to start the tournaments. They lost 22 to 37, Sophia Tudor scored 7 points, Hayden Lane 6, Jaeda Paul scored 4, Sophia Schumacher 3, and Callie Hoenke scored 2 points. Then our Cougars took on the Broadus Hawks. They lost 14 to 52, Sophia Tudor scored 8 points, Hayden Lane scored 3, Sophia Schumacher had 2, and Jaeda Paul contributed 1 point.

The junior high boys’ took on Sacred Heart to kick off their tournaments. The boys’ lost 25 to 48. Ethan Mellon scored 10 points, Cru Schwartz scored 5, Nick Buerkle had 4 points, Jordan Paul, Aidyn Schwartz, and Kalob Bollinger each added 2 points to the scoreboard. For the next game the Cougars took on the Ekalaka Bulldogs. They lost 22 to 38. Ethan Mellon scored 8 points, Crus Schwartz had 7, Kalob Bollinger added 3 points to the score, Ty Butler and Brandon Breihahn each scored 2 points. Congratulations on all the hard work you put in to having a good basketball season!