Keystone XL suspended

By Darby Martin

United States District Judge Brian Morris ordered a new environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline on Nov. 8, effectively halting all TransCanada activity throughout the Midwestern United States, inclusive of work around Baker. This includes the construction of work camps.

Judge Morris suspended the pipeline stating that the Trump Administration failed to properly justify granting the permits necessary to construct the 1,200-mile pipeline connecting Canadian oil fields with Texas refineries. Morris says the administration ignored crucial environmental issues, particularly climate change, violating the Administrative Procedure Act.

This ruling requires a complete review of all potential adverse affects of the pipeline, inclusive of climate change, endangered species, and cultural impact prior to any further construction.

“We remain committed to building this important energy infrastructure project. This project has undergone years of extensive environmental review and we believe it can be built safely and with care for the environment,” says Brittany Brockway, Community Relations and Stakeholder Specialist with TransCanada.