Fallon County General Election unofficial results

November 6, 2018


County Commissioner District III

Steve Baldwin (I)           890

County Clerk and

Recorder/Superintendent of Schools

Brenda J. Wood (R)      1131


Trenton Harbaugh (R)   1211

County Attorney

Darcy L. Wassmann (R) 1072

County Treasurer/Assessor

Barbara E. Ketterling (R) 1081

Justice of the Peace

Nicole M. Benefiel (N)    293

Anna K. Straub (N)         975

United States Senator

Rick Breckenridge (L)      57

Matt Rosendale (R)         951

Jon Tester (D)                  281

United States Representative

Greg Gianforte (R)       1025

Elinor Swanson (L)           24

Kathleen Williams (D)   226

Clerk of the Supreme Court

Bowen Greenwood (R)   948

Rex Renk (D)                  205

Roger Roots (L)                43

Supreme Court Justice #4

Full Term – Shall Judge Beth Baker be

retained for another term?

Yes                                    896

No                                     186

Supreme Court Justice #2 Unexpired Term

Shall Judge Ingrid Gustafson be retained for another term?

Yes                                    900

No                                     181

District Court Judge District 16, Dept. 1

Shall Judge Michael Hayworth be retained for another term?

Yes                                    933

No                                     138

District Court Judge District 16, Dept. 2

Shall Judge Nickolas C. Murnion be retained for another term?

Yes                                    945

No                                     228

State Senator – District 19

Kenneth Bogner (R)       1057

Mary Zeiss Stange (D)    166

State Representative

District 37

Frederick (Eric) Moore (R) 1113

Legislative Referendum No. 128

   The 2017 Montana Legislature has submitted this proposal for a vote. LR-128 asks Montana voters to continue the existing 6-mill levy to support Montana’s public colleges and universities. Without voter approval, the current 6-mill levy to support Montana’s public colleges and universities will expire in January 2019. If passed, this proposal will be effective on January 1, 2019 and terminate January 1, 2029. According to revenue estimates, the projected annual revenue from the 6-mill levy is $20,890,000 for fiscal year 2020 and is estimated to grow to $23,620,000 by fiscal year 2023.

Yes on LR-128               665

No on LR-128                                   565

Legislative Referendum N0. 129

   The 2017 Legislature has submitted this proposal for a vote. LR-129 prohibits a person from collecting another voter’s ballot, with certain exceptions. The prohibition would not apply to an election official, postal worker, caregiver, family member, household member, or an acquaintance. Any such individuals that are caregivers, family members, household members or acquaintances would be required to sign a registry at the polling place or the election administrator’s office when delivering the ballot and are required to provide the following information: the individual’s name, address, and phone number; the voter’s name and address; and the individual’s relationship to the voter. An individual who violates any provision within LR-129 could be fined $500 for each ballot unlawfully collected.

Yes on LR-129                     747

No on LR-129                         444

Initiative No.185

   I-185 raises taxes on all tobacco products, amends the definition to include e-cigarettes and vaping products, and dedicates funds. Taxes are increased by $2.00 per pack of cigarettes for a total tax of $3.70 per pack. Taxes on moist snuff increase to the greater of 83% of wholesale or $3.70 per 1.2 ounces. The tax rate increases by 33% of the wholesale price for all other tobacco products including new taxes on e-cigarettes and vaping products. I-185 eliminates the sunset date for expanded Medicaid service for certain low-income adults, which otherwise ends June 30, 2019. I-185 dedicates a percentage of these increased tax revenues for: certain health-related programs, including some of the cost for Montana’s current Medicaid program; veterans’ services; smoking prevention and cessation smoking programs; and long-term care services for seniors and people with disabilities.

   New revenue from increases in tobacco taxes with generate $74.3 million per year by 2023. Revenues may decline as fewer people use tobacco. The State must pay a percentage of the cost of the extended Medicaid services, which increases from 6.77% in 2019 to a cap of 10% by 2021.

Yes on Initiative I-185                       467

No on Initiative I-185                        802

Initiative No. 186

   I-186 requires the Department of Environmental Quality to deny a permit for any new hardrock mines in Montana unless the reclamation plan provides clear and convincing evidence that the mine will not require perpetual treatment of water polluted by acid mine drainage or other contaminants. The terms “perpetual treatment,” “perpetual leaching,” and “contaminants” within I-186 are not fully defined and would require further definition from the Montana Legislature or through Department of Environmental Quality rulemaking.

   I-186 will cost $115,360 in its first fiscal year, increasing to $118,767 by fiscal year 2021. These costs are associated with more staff for environmental review for mining permit applications and anticipated litigation.

Yes on Initiative I-186                       296

No on Initiative I-186                        908