Fourth grade scrambled eggs

The fourth graders with their eggs in their gallon bag of supplies ready for the drop.

By Sara Tudor

Mrs. Isaacs and her fourth grade class had an egg drop Oct. 26, followed by a second drop on Oct. 28, as part of their science studies. Her students, including Lizzie Cole, Ahren Goben, Milo Isaacs, Caleb McLachlan, Kaeden Oberlander, Jordan Paul, Cru Schwartz, Dakota Stein and Sara Tudor, participated in the Great Egg Drop. Kaeden Oberlander donated the eggs from his own chickens for the project.

Each student made egg protection from supplies such as foam pieces, socks, tissue paper, newspaper, foil, a shoe, bandage wrap, egg carton piece as a chair, rags, clothes, bubble wrap, and tape. Then, each student’s egg was placed inside the layers of protection, which had to fit inside a gallon baggie. Mrs. Isaacs stood on a chair and dropped each package from above the whiteboard in the classroom, after which the students opened their packages to find either an unbroken egg or a “scrambled egg”. On the second egg drop experiment, the students used different materials for protection of their egg. The fourth graders learned that the heavier packages dropped faster, which may have caused the eggs to break. There were a mixture of successes both times they dropped their eggs. Their conclusion was that the right amount of light cushion tightly packed was the best protection for the fragile eggs. The students were working on building a prototype for their Engineering Unit in Science.


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