Essential back-to-school check list

Without a doubt, having a to-do list of things to get ready for the new school year is one of the best ways to stay organized. Here’s a checklist to help you stay on track as you prepare to send your kids back to class:

Make appointments with your children’s dentist, doctor and optometrist

Inform the school of any health issues your children might have

Review any school correspondence you received over the summer

Inventory all of the school supplies and clothes that can be reused this year

Buy all the school supplies required by the school

Buy backpacks and lunchboxes, as necessary

Plan lunches and snacks

Label all personal items

If your kids will be walking to and from school, practice the route a few times with them

Set up a space in your home for homework and studying

Display the school calendar somewhere in your house

Make arrangements for after-school care, if necessary

Take part in any parent-teacher meetings

Adjust bedtime and wake-up time a few days before starting the school year

Get lunch, clothes and backpacks ready the evening before the first day of class

Wake up earlier on the first day of school so as not to rush

Finally, make the most of the last few days to have fun. After all, summer isn’t over yet