Fallon County salutes high school graduates

Baker High School commencement

By Angel Wyrwas

The 104th Commencement Ceremony for Baker High School in honor of the Class of 2018 was held in the Longfellow Gymnasium on the evening of May 20. The class of 2018 comprised of 39 graduates confidently marched two by two into the gym while the Baker Symphonic Band played Pomp and Circumstance, under the direction of Jill Whiteman. Superintendent of School District # 12, Jon Wzesinski welcomed the crowd of family, friends, teachers and fellow students gathered to honor the graduates. Co-Valedictorians Taylyn Dukart, Amber Durden and Madison Reddick each gave their addresses, with memories of their time at BHS, things they had learned and times with classmates they lost too soon: Stan Wagner and Kayleigh Scheetz. The Salutatory speech then followed as Aaron Smith shared his thoughts with fellow classmates and families. The grads chose BHS history teacher Brittany Hoverslandt o deliver the commencement  address. She spoke about how one becomes an adult and moving from the childhood view of pursuing pleasure to a more mature understanding of responsibility. “To be an adult means you stop doing things for yourself because it makes  you feel good, or because you are going to get some benefit in exchange,” said Hoversland. “You learn to bargain or negotiate your desires for the desires of others around you.” She continued that as an adult you learn to love unconditionally, giving without the hope of receiving because that defeats the purpose of giving in the first place. Hoversland closed with her last bit of advice, “It’s not just your actions in life but about your reaction. In other words, be responsible for you, don’t blame the world. Take it, own it and fix it. Oh…and Once a Spartan Always a Spartan!” Then, the long awaited moment each grad had eagerly anticipated- the presentation of diplomas. School Board Chairman, Christy Follmer and David Breitbach, BHS Principal, presented each senior with the culmination of their education. Superintendent Wrzesinski and Principal Breitbach distributed the awards and scholarships. The grand total of scholarships received was $642,913. Superintendent Wrzesinski then introduced the top ten scholars: Taylyn Dukart, Amber Durden, Madison Reddick, Maryssa Rusley, Aaron Smith, Katelyn Afrank, Tannon Dukart, Sheyanne Janeway, James Wiseman and Isaac Nemitz. Presidential Academic Awards went to Taylyn Dukart, Amber Durden, Madison Reddick, Maryssa Rusley, Aaron Smith, Tannon Dukart and Jasmine Qualley. Students must have a 3.5 GPA and have scored in the top 15% in math and/or reading on Achievement Tests or ACT/SAT college entrance tests. Outstanding Academic Performance Awards recognize students that have earned an ACT composite score of 27 or higher. Taylyn Dukart, Amber Durden, Maryssa Rusley, Aaron Smith and Casey Wyrwas received this award. Other graduates, many of them pursuing college degrees, or entering the work force are Alex Bohle, Catherine Branson, Johnathon Arnson, Andrew Craft, Javon DeGrand, Christofer Green, Jaxson Hadley, Hunter Hastig, Kathryn Hede, Dalton Herbst, Colin Lee, Alex Loutzenhiser, Cooper Lund, Cameron MacKay, Mariah Miller, Skyler Robinson, Ashley Rost, Bo Rost, Anthony Runfola, Nash Sauers, Graciana Serna, Taylee Tolzien, Brooklyn Tronstad, Casper Uecker, Johnathan Weimer, Quentin Wheeler and Cauy Wyrick. The Baker Symphonic Band helped march the newly graduated seniors out of the gymnasium to their school song, ‘Legionnaires on Parade’ and the evening concluded with friends and family wishing them the best as they move forward.

8th Grade – Back row (l-r): Jesse Isaacs, Seth Carroll, Chloe Tudor, Alexia Wills, Cooper Peterson;
front row (l-r): Cheyenne Farris, Brentan Beyers, Hadyn Mellon, and Zachery Wills

Plevna High School commencement

By Cole Edgell

On May 20, Plevna School held their 89th Graduation at the Plevna Gymnasium. Mrs. Wagnon opened the ceremony with Pomp and Circumstance played by the Plevna Band. Taylor Rieger led the Pledge of Allegiance. The speaker for graduation was Mrs. Benner. She spoke aboutthe power of one. She told about past leaders like President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks, who had an impact on the world; it only took one of them to create a large ripple. She told a story of a man who walked along the beach every morning and threw starfish back into the sea to save them from the heat of the day. Another man once asked him why he did it because it did not make much of a difference with all the miles of seashore. He threw another starfish back into the sea and said, “It made a difference to that one”. The Plevna Choir sang For Good from Wicked. Scott Rieger, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, acknowledged the students from the Class of 2022 with a Certificate for the Completion of 8th grade: Brentan Beyers, Seth Carroll, Cheyenne Farris, Jesse Isaacs, Hadyn Mellon, Cooper Peterson, Chloe Tudor, Alexia Wills, and Zach Wills. Next, Taylor honored her parents with an emerald rose, followed with a presentation of her years in school. Scott Rieger then presented a diploma to Taylor. Following this, Mrs. Walker presented the graduating class of 2018. As everyone departed from graduation, the Plevna Band played the school song, Wave the Flag.