Stapleton visits Fallon County on Outreach Tour

HELENA, MT – Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton recently completed a two-day visit to Fallon County as part of his Things that Matter outreach tour.

Stapleton’s two day tour kicked off with a community business round-table to talk about ways to help commerce thrive in Fallon County.  He also learned about the Baker Lake clean-up project, was briefed on Denbury Resources and toured the facility, and visited with Fallon County Commissioners and Election Administrators.

Stapleton’s two day tour kicked off with a community business round-table to talk.

Stapleton said, “The tornado that damaged Baker Lake has had an incredible impact on the community, but the upcoming FEMA clean up and the other improvements to the lake are actually going to leave Fallon County better than it was before. I think we are all excited to see what the finished, rejuvenated lake will look like!”   

Stapleton was impressed with Fallon County’s vision is to retain existing residents, provide amenities that improve quality of life, promote sustainable growth, diversify the local economy to minimize impacts during economic downturns and mitigate impacts of rapid growth. Stapleton agreed with the local officials and employees at Denbury that it is past time to mitigate the sage grouse issue and get the pipeline project built in Eastern Montana. “The millions of dollars awaiting the local communities is a much needed boost to Eastern Montana,” Stapleton said.

During Stapleton’s visit, he learned about the Baker Lake Clean-up Project.

“Getting BLM approval and moving forward with this pipeline project goes hand-in-hand with our mission and vision at the Secretary of State’s office to promote democracy and help commerce thrive in places like Fallon County.”

Secretary Stapleton’s visit to Baker is the fifth trip in his 56 county tour.